How Well Do You Know Your Pokemon?

There are many Pokemon lovers and masters, but not all of them are aiming for the same thing. Some people want to become breeders, others want to collect them all, and the most popular one, to become a pokemon Master!

What do YOU want to be? Its all up to you and nobody can change that from the inside out so keep on reaching for your goal even if others don't like it!

Created by: Kiki

  1. What type is its own weakness?
  2. Which Pokemon has a higher speed?
  3. Which is the heaviest pokemon?
  4. Which Pokemon hasthehighest attack?
  5. Which legendary Dragon-type pokemon has the highest stats?
  6. Which Pokemon can learn transform, but is black?
  7. Which shiny eeveelution is pink?
  8. Which Pokemon has a higher speed?
  9. Which Pokemon can NOT be used for breeding with Lucario.
  10. Which Pokemon is loved by MOST boys?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know my Pokemon?