How Well Do You Know the Pokemon Voice Actors?

I created this just to see if you know our Talented pokemon voice actors from the Original Series , Advanced Generation , and Diamond and pearl series. There are many geniuses of pokemon who maybe know the answers to the quiz, but HEY! Take ya time! :P.

But... Test your knowledge and see what you get *smiles* don't forget to NOT pick random answers I DON"T ALLOWE IT! O_O and also take your time.

Created by: Lupita
  1. Who voiced Ash Ketchum from Seasons 1-8?
  2. Who voiced James from the first few episodes?
  3. Who voices Jessie from Battle Frontier to Diamond & Pearl Series?
  4. How many voice actors has Meowth had?
  5. Who does Emily Jenness voice act?
  6. Who Voices Team Rocket Jessie, James and Meowth until "Advanced Battle"
  7. Who voices Pikachu?
  8. Who voices Misty's Goldeen?
  9. In The Japanese version, who does Megumi Hayashibara voice act from Team Rocket?
  10. What were the two main roles of Veronica Taylor?
  11. What Were the Two main roles of Eric Stuart?
  12. What were the main roles of Rachael Lillis?
  13. Who did Maddie Blaustein Voice act?
  14. Who did Amy Birnbaum voice act in the Advanced Generation series, as a Brother of May?
  15. Who did Ted Lewis voice act as a Boss in The Pokemon Anime?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the Pokemon Voice Actors?