Pok'emon Quiz by Mary

Pok'emon-people collect them, play with stuffed toys, play the Pok'emon game on their Gameboy, they watch the movies, the TV show, they go to the website...there are a lot of people out there that really know Pok'emon and love 'em!

But do YOU know Pok'emon? Or do yo just know a few bits that you picked up? Are you a Pok'emon genius? Or an outsider to Pok'emon who is just guessing the answers? TAKE THIS QUIZ AND FIND OUT!

Created by: Mary

  1. What was the name of the first Pok'emon movie (more like episode, really!)
  2. Is Mewtwo a lengendary Pok'emon or a clone of a legendary Pok'emon?
  3. Who is Pikachu's trainer?
  4. What are the names of Jessie and James's Pok'emon?
  5. Pikachu never:
  6. The first Pok'emon Ash got was:
  7. The person who was in charge of creating Mewtwo was:
  8. The first movie Mewtwo was in was:
  9. What type of Pok'emon is Pikachu?
  10. Finally, is Team Rocket on the good side or the bad side?

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