pointless quiz :)

There are many smart people, but few true geniuses, and by genius i mean creative and great at problem solving. If you have a talent with doing these things then I assure you that this is the wuiz for you!

Do YOU thibk you have the skills to pass the pointless quiz, it's pointless, stupid, and fun! Thoseare all the reasons that this is probably the best quiz i have made so far!!! :)

Created by: quizmaker410

  1. A rooster lays an egg on the roof of a barn, which side does it roll of?
  2. A platypus lays an egg on a pyramid, what color is it?
  3. A bus has to pick up 30 children in 15 minutes. It makes 2 stops, one child is out sick, 6 grils with red hair get on, and you take an 80 degree turn left. What color is the bus?
  4. How many fingers am i holding up
  5. I am hungry. I find 5 apples. I take 3. How many do i have now?
  6. Which question was harder than this one?
  7. You are playing hangman, what does this say? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  8. Did you answer the last question correctly?
  9. I am walking through a rose bush barefoot. I get out. 5 minutes later my foot hirts, it is a splinter. How did i get a splinter?
  10. This quiz is over. Do you think everyone else who took this quiz had fun?

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