pointless-but interesting-questions

Many people know different things...But what about the pointless stuff? These are the things that we may use daily and never think about the history or the meaning. Well what do you know?

Do you think that people think what comes out of your mouth is pointless? Well, after this you can tell them a whole boat load of pointless stuff, or see if the things you've said is pointless...however you want to look at it.

Created by: Sammy

  1. what is the name for the "home of the gods" in Greek mythology?
  2. the Greeks called what bone the "holy bone" because they belived the soul resided in it?
  3. Soda was 1st invented 2 be a what?
  4. what does SOS stand for?
  5. what are the chances of evolution happening?
  6. only once has both the VP and the President been left handed. Who where they
  7. If the sun exploded, how long would we have 2 live?
  8. what is the 2nd most drank drink(next to water)?
  9. What is the #1 book shoplifted?
  10. Sharks hace what in place of bones?
  11. The Greeks belived that ____ was the food of the gods.
  12. What % of men are colored blind to some extent?
  13. What does CIS standfor?

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