the pointless quiz

Are you a person who wants to know absolutely pointless information? Well, you can tell me any day now, im not a mind reader...hurry up, it's starting to snow, you know what, read the next paragraph...

well if you do want to know pointless information, take this quiz!!! it's fun, and completely pointless, step right up now folks!!! It won't hurt you to something stupid!!!

Created by: konvolinka of this site
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  1. Do you wear make- up?
  2. Have you ever gone fishing?
  3. Have you ever eaten a gingerbread man?
  4. Have you ever picked your nose?
  5. What do you order at fast food restaurants (pick what you eat as the meal part)?
  6. What is your favorite highlighter color?
  7. Do you wear a bra?
  8. What candy is your favorite out of these:
  9. Do you run with scissors?
  10. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

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