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  • OK i just reallized i made a mistake. the last q was suppost 2 say CIA not CIS...sorry.

    ... Hey i said there might b some spelling errors. give me a break.

    Sarah Soda Slim Mar 7 '09, 5:14PM
  • Nice quiz. Go random knowledge! That was interesting and...yeah. I'll give you an 8 for that. =)

    Ghoam Mar 4 '09, 6:52AM
  • that was a rly cool quiz!

    lol time Feb 26 '09, 9:20PM
  • So ramdom and for once i didnt make it so who eva made the quiz has my love cause IT WAS RANDOM!

    Mega_crazy Feb 26 '09, 1:37PM
  • nice quiz
    im learning about Geece in school right now

    makeup123 Feb 24 '09, 9:19PM
  • Great quiz...if i may say so myself. If there are any spelling errors, i'm sorry, but i hope you have fun any way.

    Sarah Soda Slim Feb 24 '09, 4:26PM

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