Are You Black Suit Spidey or Normal Spidey

Do you like to be EBIL or good take this quiz to find out. Hmm, sniff, cough, this is pointless to tell you about. i mean come on i picked a relativily easy to understand quiz name you know.

Well do you? Look i don't even wanna type anything here this is kinda of stupid just read the tital you will know what the quiz is about. Yep pretty pointless you should understand wat this quiz is about.

Created by: Jaye

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like power or responsibility?
  2. Do you like black and white or red and blue for costume scheme?
  3. Would you were a living suit.
  4. Would you love to get revenge?
  5. Do you like to kill?
  6. Would you want to become stornger?
  7. Are you greedy?
  8. Do you like money?
  9. Do you like red heads?
  10. Do you like red heads?

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Quiz topic: Am I Black Suit Spidey or Normal Spidey