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  • lol i got 40%.............. and i hated this quiz. not a big surprise. i hate EVERY quiz on gotoquiz except MY quizzes :)

    :)1800iluvpop corn:)

    1800iluvpopcorn Jun 21 '11, 6:09PM
  • i did the best, that quiz was as crap as a terd (poo,) that a donkey ate then pissed out, then a man bent down a tasted the terd and then gave it to his wife for a birthday gift, and the wife lost while walking a dog in a park then a boy kicked into a pond full of rats that have red eyes, the red eyed rats bit and ripped the terd then a robot shot them with a lazer cannon gun which doesn't even exist yet. the blood from the rats went on the terd and the terd went moldy and green. then you found it and made a rubbish quiz just because you saw the terd. (poo)

    sarris May 17 '09, 3:23PM

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