Plants VS Zombies: Plant Trivia

This Plants Vs. Zombies quiz is designed to test what you know about the general plant population. If you love Plants Vs. Zombies and think you know about the plants, try this quiz!

This quiz includes questions about the first level, all the way to the roof levels, to extras and plants that do certain things! There's lots of specifics so see what you know! No copyright infringement intended!!

Created by: CrazyKmin
  1. What's the first plant you receive on the game?
  2. True or False? Cattails are aquatic plants
  3. Can you use mushrooms during the day?
  4. Repeaters shoot ____ peas. (Fill in the blank)
  5. Gatling Peas are planted on __________. (Fill in the blank)
  6. Blovers and Planterns help out with super-foggy levels. There's one more plant that helps too-what is it?
  7. How much sun does a Twin Sunflower give you?
  8. How many separate plant habitats are in the Zen Garden?
  9. How many brothers does Cabbage-Pult have?
  10. True or False? Squash can defeat Zombonis.

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