PJLS Announcment from Calypso

I have some good news, and I have some bad news. I hope you'll actually take me seriously when you read this and not just blow me off......but my lovelies would never do that.....right?

Good luck everyone!!! Thanks for stickin with me for so long!! Remember all entries are due by Saturday, November 24th at midnight. Good luck!

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. Okay. I kinda feel bad about this because some readers have told me they've started liking a certain character.....and I have some bad news.
  2. Okay. Grover. We all love him. He's awkward in his cute, goaty way, and he's Percy's best friend besides Devin. But unfourtunately, from this point on, Grover Underwood will no longer be listed as a love interest. I'm sorry, but I have seven guys right now, not counting Grover and I need to make them genuine and unique in their feelings. Not many people like Grover in the way they might love Percy or Luke.
  3. So, yes, sadly, Grover is forever stuck in the friend zone. At least in this quiz series he is. Sorry, but I have to many emotions to deal with. Sorry if I've upset anyone, or put anyone off the quiz. I don't like making my lovelies sad. Also, Nico di Angelo, who will be making an appearance in two book's time, will NOT be a love interest. Again, too many emotions. And, although age should not matter in a relationship ('least in my opinion) Nico is at least three years younger than Violet. So....no. He will be a constant charachter from his first appearance on, though, so never fear, Nico-lovers.
  4. Alright. Now, on to the unannounced GOOD news. It has just recently occurred to me that I put out Percy Jackson Love Story part 20 not too long ago. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?! I have successfully made it to 20 updates! I know it's nothing compared to Nat's like, 50-something, but still, for me, that's impressive. I was not expecting myself to last this long. And would you like to know HOW I've lasted this long? YOU. MY, FANS, READERS, SUPPORTERS, AND FRIENDS!!!! Thanks for being here this whole time.
  5. So, in celebration of our milestone, I've decided to hold another contest. Now, in the past, I have literally received two entries. Now, I'm not gonna lie, I was disappointed, but I know you guys are busy. So, your task is as follows in the next question.
  6. You must create a scenario with any of the boys besides Luke, Dominic, and Devin. Create a backstory, hopefully involving a girl love interest and dating back a few years before Violet. The girl does NOT have to die, as they have done in the past *cough* Eleanor *cough*.
  7. Just so you know, past crushes of Darren's were Rose and an incoming character named Lauren (this character was created by Bluebird when she won my last contest.) Tristan was kinda silent. Darren, he was kinda a bad boy, show off dude...ish.....thing. (Way to be awkward.)
  8. Now, I know I'm probably not gonna have a lot of enteries. BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. If you have an idea and a good amount of time, please, I BEG OF YOU, enter something. You just might win. Now, as for prize, sure, you can have a character. You can have any prize you want. I don't mean this literally, I mean whatever is within my power to give you. I normally get 'Can I have a character'. So, with your entry, please include what you want your prize to be if you should win. If it's a character, please state the name, age, parent, description, personality, relationship with Violet, and any extra info I might need about them. Please, don't make a love interest. PLEASE ENTER IF YOU HAVE TIME. I'm going to give you guys a whole two weeks to do this. (Wow, Cal a WHOLE TWO WEEKS.) I know, Thanksgiving, but.....yeah. Please, please, try to get something in if you have an idea. The contest begins NOW. It will officially end Saturday, November 24th at midnight. Please DO NOT put entries in the comments. It must be twelve questions long or more. Please send all entries to my email, calypso1315 @ gmail . com.
  9. Okay. I'll ask one last time. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEE ENTER IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA FOR WHAT TO WRITE. Please, I don't want anyone to think that they won't have a chance, if that's what will go through your head. PLEASE ENTER. The worst that can happen is I don't choose yours. Just please, I'm asking you guys to try. Please. Let's aim to get more than two entries this time. Maybe if we do, I won't take a month to update afterwards....maybe...two hours?
  10. Okay, so that will be it. If you have any questions, FEEL FREE to email me. I love getting emails from you guys, though it rarely happens. I always have time to talk to you, so just shoot me an email and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks, lovelies. Happy writing!!

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