Announcement ! {Aria's}

JAMES POTTER, SIRIUS BLACK, REMUS JOHN LUPIN, PETER RETTIGREW. PRONGS, PADFOOT, MOONY, WORMTAIL. XD Okay so this paragraph thing is really funny xD Dontcha think?

I am making an announcment about my series! The two of them, I think, oh to the well, well to the oh and who cares what La La La thinks? HAHA, I feel all random

Created by: Aria

  1. Um, hello. I'm Aria and I'll be your host for the day ! =P
  2. Okay so since I've started a new series, I've ALSO been working on my old series. Oh by the way, if you may not know, my old series is "A Simple Hogwarts Story" and my NEW series is "Mysterious & Unexpected Events."
  3. Okay out for my old series ^.^ Part four is ready in it XD
  4. Wdell, the Mysterious & Unexpected Events is going well. I've finished writing part four, but it's just to type it up, make some changes and so on xD
  5. Things might be going a little slow because I just found out that this guy I really like, doesn't like me. Oh well, life goes on, people change and I might find someone else, that doesn't give me a reason to sulk ^.^
  6. Okay well since we have five more questions, I was wondering to all those Potterheads out there, what's your views if Voldermort never killed the Potters, how would Harry be?
  7. La La La ! Potterhead forever!
  8. ^.^
  9. I like the name Xayan
  10. Okay well bye bye ! ^.^ Have a safe trip to universal studios XD

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