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  • Also nice Iggy Koopaling 🔥🔧🔩🛠⚒ 🔨🗡🏺

    GwenBear06 Jul 24 '18, 7:50AM
  • I got ... Hephaestus same as always I guess it’s weird I have a crush on Leo now. Crap

    GwenBear06 Jul 24 '18, 7:47AM
  • I got Hephaestus

    Iggy Koopaling Jan 14 '15, 8:35PM
  • Posideon. I new it. Closely followed by artemis. Maybe I could be a hunter?...
    On every quiz like this I either get posideon(mostly him) or artemis. Wonder why?

    artemisthegodess Nov 1 '14, 1:01PM
  • 100% Hades..... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! It'd be cool to be the daughter of Athena or Artemis though. But Hades, he's awesome.

    Mercy Aug 19 '13, 6:32PM
  • I got Artemis my fav! (is it strange that I have a crush on Percy?)

    9tara Aug 16 '13, 9:42AM
  • Omg I love Artemis!!!!!!! I wanna be a huntress!!!!! Lol

    Countrygirl264 Aug 6 '13, 2:12AM
  • u idiot Artemis said shed never have kids

    Ultimate hybrid Aug 5 '13, 10:15PM
  • Yeah! Poseidon! Wish there were more questions, but good quiz still.

    DalekThay Aug 4 '13, 3:28AM
  • For all who got Artemis as a result, if female you could be a Huntress.
    (I got Posieden. -_- Now it'd be weird if I had a major crush on Percy.)

    Ravenclaw Pride Aug 1 '13, 10:04AM
  • I got Apollo. And actually, he is a major god. There are 12 of them: Zues, Hades, Poseidon (also known as The Big Three), Hera, Hermes, Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Demeter, Athena, and Ares.

    DaughterOfApollo Jul 3 '13, 9:23PM
  • I agree with LoneShadowWolf, but my result was still pretty good.

    NeonHedgehog Jul 3 '13, 9:13PM
  • Artemis, closely followed by Hades.

    If you admitted that Artemis was a maiden goddess, why the heck would you put her as a result?

    LoneShadowWolf Jul 3 '13, 5:20PM

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