Percy Jackson Love Story part 12

Okay, again, I'm going to try and refrain from saying anything here cuz I want you to read the quiz and find out for yourself, k? Okay. Now go read. NOW!

Will you get the guy of your dreams? Or will you remain just friends? Well, take the Percy Jackson Love Story Quiz and find out for yourself! Good luck!

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. Okay, guys, first, a HUMONGOUS, ABSOLUTELY HUMONGOUS thank-you-so-fraking-much-for-saving-my-butt to Miss.natuhlegayle. She picked out the song for this edition, and also let me borrow her genius idea of having a song in the first place. The name of the song is Critical by the Jonas Brothers. (Mostly Nick.) hehe. And, as always, this edition of PJLS is dedicated to our dear, sweet Aria, and let's all continue to pray for her recovery.
  2. ~o0o~Luke's POV~o0o~ Her words are ringing in my ears. "Hades, Luke. Hades." Really? I can't bear to think of the pain shes going through. She must think I hate her or someting....I can't stand this. I needed to talk to her. But I saw the look in her eyes before she walked away. She want to be alone. I can take a hint. So I let her be alone. But I wished I hadn't. I had turned around to look at her one last time, and I saw her, with her face down, shaking. Sobbing. I started towards her, but quickly dashed into the corner where no on could see me when I say Henderson and Reed walking towards her sobbing form. My blood begins to boil, my hand itches towards Backbiter.....
  3. I hid in the shadows, listening to the conversation. "......What happened to you? Violet? Could you please pick up your head," I heard Henderson say in a coaxing voice. She didn't lift her head up. "Violet, I'm your friend. Aren't I? Come on, I just wanna help...." he said, sounding desperate. "Violet Wilde. If I am your friend, look at me." She looks up at him, a shocked look on her face. Her skin may be blotchy, her eyes may be bloodshot, but that doesn't keep her from being the most beautfiul person in the world. "What happened to you?" he asks again. Too hastily, so he can be sire something is wrong, she hisses through gritted teeth, "Nothing!" He gives her a look like, "I am a Son of Athena. You think I'm gonna fall for that?" Reedgives a knowing, mirthless laugh.She gives him a look back that I'd rather not describe. Reed almost glares at her, and it's all I can do not to grab 'biter and rip him to shreds. "Dom. Shut it. Do you even know what she's going through?" Henderson- Devin- asks, giving him an angry glare. Reed turns on him. "Do you?!" he asks incredously. "If you'd shut up already, I'd find out!" I'm liking Henderson more by the second. Reed is silent. Devin nods at him and turns back to my Princess. "Listen, Vi, I want to help you. I really do. But I can't do anything unless YIU tell me what's going on!" Henderson is getting desperate, I can hear it in his voice. "I want to put an end to your pain." 'Get in line,' I think venomously.
  4. She gives a loud sigh. I can't bear to think of what she might say. My heart can barely stand it when I hear here speak. She sounds...broken. Defeated. It's killing me. "I...can't tell you. I can't tell you anything. I'm sorry. I just can't," she says, "I'm sorry, Devin." The chair creaks as she stands and walks off. I immidiately want to follow, to set things straight with her, but I still have to be careful of Reed and Henderson. "I can't stand to see her like that. In pain, I mean" says Devin. "Yeah?" challenges Reed, "Well get over it. She'll probably just go take it up with Castellan. Then everything with be perfect again, and she'll never give us a second thought," says the jerk. I can't stand it. I need to set HIM straight first, before I do anything else....."Is that what you think?" I ask him, stepping out from the corner. I take extreme happiness at the look of panic on his face. He immediately regains use of his voice, unfortunately, and says, "You look sad, Lukey," taunting me, "Did your date no go well with little Vi-Vi?" Reed barely has time to blink. In a split-nanosecond, his back is up against the wall, my sword up against his throat. "You listen to me. Your father may be Ares, but that doesnt give you the right to be a jerk wad-especially to Violet. And if you EVER act like an idiot to her EVER again, I swear on the River Styx to kick your ass into Hades. You got me?!?" I growl at the idiot, hoping my expression is scary enough to get the message across. He's staring at me coldly, but alarmed. He nods, after a second, curtly and short. I let go of him, and walk out quickly. But not before I hear, "Sorry, man, but I'm not going up against a p.o.'ed Luke Castellan." I smile a little. Then I hear, "What did you mean by 'date with Violet?'" My heart constricts, and I walk faster.
  5. ~o0o~Darren's POV~o0o~ I was sick and tired of Violet Wilde. True, I hadn't even met her, but Tristan was going on and on and on and on....And, at this point, I was just waiting for him to just pop the friggin question already. "Did you hear what I said, Ren?" he asks exasperatedly, during another one of his rants about her. I look up briefly from 'Chariot and Chairoteer'. "Hmf? Oh, yeah, Tris. Every word," I say, looking back down at the magazine. He sighs, grabs the magazine out of my hands, despite my cry of anger. He grabs me by the wrist , and drags me out of the cabin. "What the holy Hephaestus, Tristan!?" I say angrily. "Shut up," he scolds, "Look!" he points to a girl, walking towar the Demeter cabin right across from ours. And I immediately see that evereything Tris has said about her is true. Oh no....this can be good....Holy Hephaestus NO! ~o0o~Tristan's POV~o0o~ Darren looked constipated. It was all I could do not to burst out laughing. He was staring at Violet as if in a trance. I snapped in his face. He looked at me, alarmed. "Are you okay, bro?" I ask. "Huh? What? No! I mean...yes, I'm fine," he says, his eyes wild. "Okay....weirdo...." I say, und my bath so he can't hear. This can't possibly be good. I know the look he was giving her. ~o0o~Darren's POV~o0o~ I can't believe this. I am officially the worlds worst brother. Tris has been going in about this girl for monthes. And I just HAD to decide, the second I lay eyes on her, that I like her. I am the worst. "Why don't we go talk to her?" Tristan suggests, and I nod stiffly, hoping this girl is a horrible person. Then I tell myself that's a selfish thought, so I banish it. ~o0o~Violet's POV~o0o~ I needed to talk to Camellia. She seemed like on of those people that you could go to for adivce, you know? That, and you know, I hadn't talked to her in a million years. Suddenly, I hear a voice calling my name. "Violet!" I turn, expecting Luke, or Devin, but seeing that boy I ran into the other day. "Oh, hi!" I say, surprised to see him being followed by a boy I can only presume is his brother- twin, brother, by the look of his features- who looks at me as if my skin is bright green.
  6. "Hi....what's up?" I ask him. Its a bit weird, cuz I don't even know this guys name. So I turn to the brother. "Hi, I'm Violet Wilde," I say with as big a smile I can muster after the day I'm having, and I hold out my hand. He stares at it wide eyed, as if he touches me he'll catch fire. His brother nudges him, and he quickly grabs my hand, looking at me in a weird way. ~o0o~Darren's POV~o0o~ Damn. She was so nice, not rude at all. And her hand was so soft....I got lost in thought, so deep, that I barely noticed Tristan telling me to let go of her hand. I snap back to reality, and drop her hand as if she burned me. She's eyeing me, as if I'm the biggest creep ever, but she doesn't say anything. "So, what's up, Violet?" Tristan asks. She seems happy to have conversation. "Oh, nothing really,"- I detect a tiny bit of sarcasm in her tone, but Tris doesn't seem to notice- "I was just going to pay a visit to Camellia," she says, pointing at the cabin behind her. She asks, "So what are you guys up to?" she asks, and Tristan responds immediately. "We were actually just talking about you,"- I shoot him a look- "And we saw you walking up, so we thought we'd come talk to you," he says, a bit too cheerfully. She raises a perfect eyebrow. "Is that so?" she asks, shooting a glance my way.
  7. ~o0o~Tristan's POV~o0o~ The idiot. He's supposed to actually SPEAK, not stare at the girl like she's grown an extra head. I know, I know, 'look who's talking.' I know I stared at her like that when I bumped into her before, but I was just amazed at my luck then. In my opinion, after that, I was acting totally natural. But Darren...oh, the boy's a mess. He's shock. It's almost funny. But wouldn't laugh at him...I only laugh at him when there is no one around to laugh with me. I clear my throat, trying to get Ren's attetion, thinking suddenly of a joke on of my cabin mates made about twins having an empathy link. 'Dude,' I think as hard as I can, 'Wake the freak up! She's talking to you!'' Darren shakes his head, and it's all I can do not to face palm. We need to get out of here...he's just staring at her like an idiot. ~o0o~Darren's POV~o0o~ I can't believe this. I'm usually so smooth with girls, but with Violet, its like my tongue is glued to the roof of my mouth. I can't speak. "Yes. But we really should go now," Tristan says, casting me a death glare. Since when was it so easy for him to talk to a girl, especially Violet Wilde. Before, if he would talk to a girl in say, Athena cabin, he would get all tongue tied, not say the right things, he would be a complete mess. Now, it's the other way around. I don't like it.
  8. ~o0o~Violet~o0o~ I really needed to talk to Camellia. She would be able to help was all I could think about. I barely noticed the long, awkward stretch of silence between the boy, his brother and I. I suddenly snapped back to reality when he said they should leave. "No way," I say quickly, "Not until you tell me your name. Everyone I talk about you, I'm forced to call you 'the boy'," I say, mentally asking myself if I really just told him I talk about him. He seemed to visibly get happier. "Tristan," he says, "And my brothers name is-" He gets cut off as his brother makes an indignant noise. He rolls his eyes before saying, "Darren." Darren glares at him, casts one more look at me, and then fast-walks back into his cabin. I wave goodbye to Tristan, then shake my head, thinking about how boys have got to be the most frustrating, evil, confusing invention ever created.
  9. ~o0o~Luke's POV~o0o~ I needed to find her. I know, I've been saying that a lot, but this time, the reason I needed to find her was because I needed to set things right. You see, after I left the mess hall, I went back to my cabin. I lay down on my bunk for a couple minutes, just thinking, when I decided everything that was going on, was honestly really stupid. The first thin that was stupid, was why I walked away from her last night in the first place, if I knew she wasn't using me. The second thing that was stupid is us running around with our tear-streaked faces and hurt feelings. The third thing that was stupid was how far things had gone. So I decided then and there to put an end to all this stupidity. I needed to find my Princess so I could just apologize for acting like an idiot. I needed her in my life. I didn't need her tears. Just her.
  10. So I went asking around camp if anyone had seen Violet. I got quite a few smirks and raised eyebrows from the Ares and Apollo kids, who thought they knew everything, but I quickly moved on and forgot about them. When I got to the Demeter cabin, I knocked on the door, trying not to break the bamboo-stick weaving. A small girl with flowing brown hair and a distant gaze answered. "Look, Violet. It's Luke," she said, as she turned and smiled at a figure behind her. My Princess. She looked at me, wide eyed, and I couldn't stand it anymore. "Vi? Can I talk to you? Alone?" I asked her desperately. She nodded quickly, and speed-walked out the door. She continued to walk, and refused to stop walking, even when I called out her name. She only stopped when she reached the beach. I threw her a questioning look. "Seems only right," she said, shrugging. ~o0o~Violet~o0o~ I wonder if its possible to die from losing to many tear drops?
  11. "Violet, are we fighting?" he asks, and I pause. I honestly don't know. "I....don't know," I say, my words echoing my thoughts, "Do you think we are?" He hastily shakes his head. "I don't want to fight with you. Everything is just so chaotic. I'm not even sure why we're running around all sad anymore" he says. I admit, he had a point. "Well, why don't you please join me in trying to enlighten our confused brains," I say. "Last night, why did you walk away after Annabeth mentioned something like....rights of passage?" "Rite of passage, for an Aphrodite child is when you make someone fall in love with you for the sole purpose of breaking their heart," he says, "And I suppose the first reason I walked away was because at first I thought you were using me to gain rite of passage. But then I thought it over," he says with a half smile, " And I realized you were just too sweet to even think of doing something like that." "Any other reasons?" I press. "Yeah. I was extremely depressed. Annabeth said that other guys like you. And I am okay with you choosing whoever you want to be with...but if I can barely survive 12 hours without you, I have no idea how I'm going to survive my entire life," he says sadly, "And I really don't know why I just told you that, because part of the other reason I was sad and mad and confused was because I thought if you knew that, being the nice person you are, you would be with me only to make me happy. And that's not okay. You need to do what makes you happy," he says, his voice breaking. He goes to speak again, but I throw myself into his arms at that moment, hugging him. His voice halts immediately. He starts shaking. I look up in shock. "Are you crying?" "Have you forgiven me?" he asks. "There's nothing to forgive," I reply. He gives a watery chuckle. "Then yeah, Princess, I'm crying," he says through a smile. It's horribly awkward, seeing this boy cry. But I continue to hug him, and his arms soon wrap around me. And I feel human again. the wooden Vi has gone away, replaced herself with a new Violet, a happy, happy Violet.
  12. "So what does this mean," Luke asks, "Are we.....?" I abruptly let go of him, in shock of his question. He lets go of me, looking ashamed. "I-I...." I start.......
  13. Yeah yeah, I know, 'Calypso, you're such a tease, but it gets you to keep reading doesn't it? DOESNT IT?! Yeah, well, as usual, HUMONGO thanks to natuhlegayle, for helping me out. And also, I'm going to remind you again to keep Aria, our favorite GOTOQUIZ-er, in your prayers. She's currently in a coma, and has found a blood donor. While she may no be awake, let's hope she's like ______ from @natuhleegayle's Hogwarts Love Story and she can hear all our prayers and pleads for her to wake up, and to come back to us, here, where she belongs. Aria, if you can hear me, just know that we love and miss you terribly. Come home soon!
  14. And, as always, feel free to comment, rate, and email me at calypso1315@gmail(.)com, without the parentheses, with any questions, comments, or suggestions about the series! Thanks for reading, and remember to keep Aria in your prayers!

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