Percy Jackson Love Story part 10

Okay, I really hope you guys like this, cause I worked my butt off! In this edition, it's the second part of your date with Luke! Enjoy it while it lasts, is my advice....

Will you get the guys of your dreams? Or will you remain just friends? Well, take the Percy Jackson Love Story quiz and find out for yourself! Good luck!

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. *Recap* You sat there for a while, until Luke suggested that you both go to dinner. You didn't want it to be over, and you told him that too. He beamed. "Well, then why don't we meet back down here after the sing-along tonight?" he said, smiling his face off, extending a hand to you. You took his hand, and nodded. "I'll see you then!" you said, as you both turned in opposite directions to get back to camp. But as the beach was leaving your earshot, you heard someone screaming 'OH MY GODS THANK YOU!!!!" You started to beam, and you were so busy laughing at the fact that you had that much of an impact, that you didn't notice where you were walking. And, in a spazzy moment, you bumped into someone. "Oh my gods, I am so sorry," you said as you got up, and turned to help the other person up. But then you saw who it was: Dominic. And he looked M.A.D. You almost cowered in front of him. You could see now why his father was Ares..he was positivly the most scary person when he wanted to be..his mouth was back in a sneer, his eyebrows pulled so close together you'd think he only had one. He was glaring at you. You didnt like the feeling. "Did you have fun on your little date, Violet?" he spat. You wanted to speak, but your voice had abandoned you. "I-I.." "That's what I thought. When did you plan on telling the rest of us?" "I- What? The rest of you? What are you talking about?" Now it was Dominic's turn to look scared. "L-look, I won't tell if you don't," he said before hurrying off. You watched him walk off, feeling eyes bore holes into your back. You looked around, but saw nobody. Shrugging it off, you walked towards the pavilion, thinking about what Dominic had meant by 'the rest of us'.....When you ran into somebody else. "Mother of the gods!"
  2. You shrieked as you fell once again. You weren't expecting to bump in to someone else; who does? You looked up at the person who you had bumped into. He stared back at you wide-eyed. "I-I-I-I," he stuttered. You had to fight to keep from laughing, you didn't want to be rude. You stood up slowly, trying not to make any sudden movements. He just stared at you as if you had grown an extra head. "Are...are you alright?" The sound of your voice seemed to wake him up. He shook his head and said "Oh, gods..Yeah! I'm fine! You..What about you!? Are you okay?" You laughed this time, and he smiled to. "Yeah," you said between a giggle, "Yeah I'm fine. Well, I think I should go..." "Do you mind if I walk with you?" he interrupted. "Uh....yeah, I guess," you replied, a little confused.
  3. " what's your name?" you asked as you walked, trying to get a conversation going. He just shook his head. "No, we're not talking about me....How about you? You liking camp so far?" "Oh, yeah! It's really fun...and... unexpected, shall we say," you replied with a grave smile. He laughed. "Yeah, I know the feeling. It was like that for me when I just got here too." You nodded. "How long have you been here?" you asked before remembering he didn't want to talk about himself. But he seemed to have forgotten as well. "Well, hmm...let's here when I was eight...been here for about six years. I'm fourteen," he said, using his fingers to count. You raised your eyebrows in astonishment. "Really?" You said, "That's a long time to be in one place." "Well, time flies when your having fun and when you're with amazing people. Like now, for instance," he said, gesturing to the pavilion, which was only steps from you. You blinked, and smiled at him. "I guess you're right!" He smiled back. "But seriously, what's your name?" you asked. He made the universal hand-motion for zipping his lips up and throwing away the key. You gave him a defeated smile, waved goodbye, and went to join Selena and Rose and your table.
  4. As you sat down, Rose looked at you with a crazed look in her eye. You paused. "What?" you asked cautiously."HOWWASTHEDATEWITHLUKE?!?!?!" she nearly screeched. You stared at her. A lot of heads had turned your way. You smiled at them nervously and turned to Rose. "WTH Rose!? Could you possibly be LESS subtle?!" you scolded as Selena had a silent laughing fit. "Oh, shut it," you told her, but that only made her laugh harder. You hit her on the arm, but she continued to laugh. You rolled your eyes at her. "Hey Sel! Beckendorf is staring at you!" you hissed and she immediatly stopped and looked at Charlie. When she saw his back was turned, she glared at you. "Very funny, Mrs.Castellan," she said.
  5. "Just tell us about the bloody date!" cried Rose before you could respond to Selena. You just gave her a dirty look and turned to Rose. "Well, we met at Grandma Smith's and talk for a little bit. Then we went down to the beach for a while. He told me to meet him back down there after dinner," You said, suddenly thinking if Dominic had told anyone.... Rose gaped at you, her lovely green eyes wide. " gods. I can't believe this! You are so lucky!" she said, looking at you like you were glowing with awesomeness. You smiled sheepishly. "Well, what are you gonna wear?" "Uhm...this?" "You have got to be kidding," said Selena. "Look! I'm not Kim Kardashian! I only need one outift!" you cried defensively. They stared sheepishly back at you; Rose even held up her hands in surrender. "OK...." Selena said doubtfully.
  6. During dinner, you received a lot of glances from Percy and Grover from Poseidon's table, Devin and, surprisingly, Annabeth from Athena's table, Luke and one of his friends from Hermes' table, Dominic from Ares' table, and the boy from before from a table you didn't know. You smiled back at them all, even Annabeth and Dominic. After dinner, you immediately said goodbye to Rose and Selena, who wished you luck, and set off for the beach. You sat there for a moment, just thinking, when you heard footsteps behind you.
  7. "Hey there, Beautiful," voice came from behind you. You turned around, and smiled when you saw Luke, who had changed his outfit to a pale tee, leather jacket, and jeans. "Hey there," you smiled in response. He grinned hugely and sat down beside you. "So how was your dinner, 'cause mine was absolutely delicious!" he cried, and you giggled. "It was good. And my dress finally dried!" you said, smiling. He laughed. "Good!" "Don't you dare think of getting me wet again," you warned, and he grinned. "No, I wasn't planning on it." "Good," you smiled, as you felt him slowly moving closer. "LOOK!" he cried, and pointed at the sky. "Have you ever found a constellation?" you asked. "Yeah, loads of times. Look, there's Orion. And the Little Dipper..." he went on and on, naming different constellations in the sky. "They're all so beautiful..." you said, and he looked at you. "So are you," he said. You turned to him and beamed. "Really?" "Yes. You've got to be the most beautiful girl I've ever seen," he said, looking extremely sincere.
  8. Suddenly, he was leaning forward. You, despite your feelings, leaned forwards too. There was a warm pressure on your lips. His arms were around your waist, yours around his neck. After what seemed to you like a million years, you broke apart. Luke stared into your eyes, until you let go of him and lay down in the sand. He lay down next to you, still staring into your eyes, his own wild, as if he wanted their every detail etched into his mind forever. You start to smile sheepishly. "I want to remember this moment forever," he says in a quiet, determined voice. Your sheepish grin turns into a full out beam. "It's pretty unforgettable anyways," you say with a laugh. "I guess you're right, Princess," he says with a sigh and a grin. "Princess?" "Do you not like it? I thought, since you're as beautiful as the constellation of Princess Andromeda, you'd like it..." "No, I like it...but I'm no princess," I trail off. He lifts his hands up and cups your cheek within his warm hand. "You're right. You're not a princess. You're a queen. You're worth a million queens," he says, the light from the moon dancing in his eyes. You blush redder then the Red Sea (Me: I know the Red Sea isn't actually red, so shut up.) "All right. Good enough. But you're forever Luke to me," I say through my smile. He laughs and closes his eyes. "Yeah, I know. But you're forever my Princess."
  9. Suddenly, there is a shuffle and a sob from behind you. You both immediately get up. His hand flies to his back pocket, yours to your wrist. You both activate Backbiter and Agape and begin silently walking towards the bushes. Just as you're five feet away, the blond head that had slowly been coming into view, disappeared. Then small footsteps leading away from the bush appear in the sand. A female voice curses, and the feet seem to pick up the pace. You run after them, and when you're right on top of them, you take a lucky swipe through the air. You connect with something, and in a split-second, there is a completely visible Annabeth, laying on the sand, with a guilty look and a Yankees cap. "Violet!" you hear Luke call after you. You quickly shout "Over here," as you kick Annabeth's cap out of reach. When he finally catches up, chest heaving, he closes his eyes. When he opens them, he sees Annabeth staring up at you with cold grey eyes. How he's feeling is written all over his face. "Anna...beth....what're.....doing here?" he says, panting. She continues to glare at me, refusing to speak. " and Violet?" She continues to glare, and it's making you uncomfortable. "Tell saw!" He's angry now, and starting to regain his breath. He walks towards Annabeth, grabs her by the arm and pulls her sharply up to her feet. ".....beth!!" "Luke! Calm down!" you cry, suddenly afraid he'll hurt her. He takes a few steps away from Annabeth, raking his fingers through his hair and hissing "Get a grip, Castellan!" When he comes back, he says, definatly calmer this time, "What did you see, Annabeth?"
  10. Instead of answering him, she turns to you. "Do you have fun? Playing with their hearts? Do you?" You take a step back, as she takes a step closer. "What are you talking about?" you ask, trying your best to make your voice sound cold. She gives a mirthless laugh. "THEY FREAKING LOVE YOU! You really don't understand rite of passage do you? You're only suppose to make ONE person fall in love with you. NOT THE WHOLE FREAKING CAMP!" She shrieked furiously. You looked at her with an incredulous glare. Luke simply looked crestfallen and furious at the same time. he opened his mouth to speak, then closed it angrily, before walking off towards Hermes cabin. Annabeth, who had just stooped down to grab her Yankees cap, hissed in your ear, "Don't worry, Beauty Queen, I won't tell them. It's not MY life goal to break the hearts of people who offer them so willingly to you." You turn to her, with your temper suddenly inflamed. "Shut your mouth, wise a**. Everything was perfect. And then you showed up." You stomped angrily towards Cabin 10 as she gaped in amazment at the nerve you posses.
  11. Okay, guys. I know how you're feeling...I was practically bawling as I wrote this, but that's just 'cuz I cry at anything emotional, and @natuhleegayle knows it!!! Okay, well, I have two more things to say, so I'm gonna get right to it!! First, here's a sneak peak of part 11!! (By the way, this is in First person POV) When I returned to Cabin 10 that night, my eyes were perfectly dry. They were dry as I bade Selena and Rose goodnight, ignoring their questions about the date. but when I woke up the next morning, my eyes and pillow were soaked. I had cried in my sleep over Luke Castellan. I dressed quickly, without uttering a single word, or bothering to wait for Rose or Selena. I walked in silence, looking down at the ground, so I didn't see any waves or smiles I received from Percy, Grover, Devin, or really anybody. I knew my eyes were bloodshot, and I didn't want them to worry. When I reached the mess hall (previously the pavilion, but a PJLS fan that goes to my school told me the real name...) I ran into someone. I didn't look up, mentally cursing myself. But I recognized the person's shoes and looked up in shock. It was Luke. His eyes were bloodshot too, his hair messy, and his skin had lost the smile I sometimes lived off of, and his skin was blotchy. He looked horrible, like someone he loved had died. And it was my fault.
  12. Second, yes, the new guy WILL have a name. He would have a name now, but @Jaime never answers my chat requests, so...yeah. But I have three possibilities, and I'm giving everybody the chance to vote on the name. I'll put the names here, but tell me PLEASE what you chose in the comments! PLEEEASEE?! Please with sugar and candy on top? (BTW'S! If you think you have a better idea for a name, tell me that too!!! I'm always open to ideas, and I'd love to hear yours!)
  13. Okay, and as always, feel free to comment and rate as you please, and if you have a good idea for the series, email me at calypso1315@gmail(.)com! Again, I'd love to hear your ideas!

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