Pearlie Gates or Ring of Fire?

There are many perceptions on how to get to Heaven or Hell. Many people believe you have to do good deeds, others think of a simpler solution, or not at all.

Do you read the Bible every day, or just live your life how you want to?Where are you going? Use these questions to find out if you go the the beautiful gold city, or the hottest place off Earth.

Created by: Mouse of Horseland
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  1. Have you accept Jesus into your heart?
  2. How often do you go to church?
  3. Do you read the Bible?
  4. Do you spread God's Word?
  5. Are you a Christain?
  6. Have you memorized scriptures?
  7. Do you have Christain friends?
  8. Do other people know you are a Christain?
  9. Are you sick of this quiz?
  10. Did you understand it all?

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