PD2002 Quiz (YouTube Channel) #2

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They're aren't many people who could get PRO on this quiz, but come try! you could be one of the very few TO WIN!!! If you haven't seen my videos, search PD2002 and my new channel with friends: The Quadrilogy!!!

CAN YOU DO IT??? or are you another random noob who comes onto quizzes not knowing anything about the subject? search PD2002 and take this quiz! AND also: new channel with me and my friends! The Quadrilogy!!!

Created by: Kirito_SAO of YouTube.com
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  1. What song was deleted? HINT: It was Five Nights At Freddy's
  2. What was the first montage I posted?
  3. Have I played in a build battle? (minecraft)
  4. If the answer was yes to the last question, was I the judge or a builder
  5. Do I play Hunger Games?
  6. Is minecraft a game you have to pay for or is it free?
  7. Am I better with a bow or sword?
  8. What do I call the people in my side-bar recommendations?
  9. What game did I first rage at?
  10. How did I die during sky wars game 1?
  11. LAST QUESTION: Have I started a minecraft vanilla survival in 2015? (BE CAREFUL if I did a survival in 2016, or not)

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