Minecraft Quiz: 1.8 or lower

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OOH now this is a quiz every minecraftian needs to take! If there's a problem if downloading and playing, e.g. having to pay, just Go on YouTube! Take this quiz!

Are you a noob, regular or pro? take the Minecraft Quiz to find out, and don't be shy to comment or check out my YouTube: PD2002. Remember: never dig straight down!

Created by: Kirito_SAO of YouTube.com
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  1. which of these is correct about creepers?
  2. which of these is true about skeletons?
  3. which of these is a new mob?
  4. which of THESE is new?
  5. What materials do you need for a diamond sword?
  6. what do you need to break an iron ore?
  7. what do you need to break obsidian?
  8. what is the enchantment name to make ou break a block faster?
  9. what is hardcore?
  10. what is peaceful?

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