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Remember: This is for the 3DS version, so take this quiz if you watched it on YouTube or you remember playing it and unlocking these people! HINT: Link

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  1. name one character from The Legend Of Zelda that's in the game.
  2. what are the 3 types of mii fighters? (do not write "and", use ?,?,?)
  3. What character has a duck and a dog?
  4. Rosalina and ?
  5. What is the boss after crazy hand and master hand morph together?
  6. Is Bowser Jr in it?
  7. What game is Rosalina from?
  8. What Character Has Chef?
  9. What is Shulk's B-Move?
  10. What is Samus called when not in the suit? She's got a SIMILAR name...
  11. LAST QUESTION: what is the profile picture representing?

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