Super Smash Bros. Character Quiz

Hey are you a big fan of the Super Smash Bros. series playing from the first all the way to the current one, or you can be a newcomer to the series and want to learn more? Well the next paragraph really explains this quiz!

This quiz will test you on your character knowledge, which is really important so this quiz is crucially important to become a smash master. By the way, if you like this quiz could you please tell your friends? Well as Sonic says "Here we go!"

Created by: Yoshilover
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  1. Who's emblem is an egg?
  2. Which character since Melee has been unlockable
  3. Which one isn't part of the original 12
  4. Which is the only pokemon who got canceled
  5. How many reps does the Star Fox have in total (canceled including)
  6. Roy is from...
  7. Yoshi came from...
  8. Which 3rd-party rep got cancelled
  9. Who's the final boss in SSB4
  10. Which Newcomer in SSB4 got announced from Sakurai last

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