Paranormal Love (part 37)

Hi guys, welcome to part 37 of my Paranormal Love series. As always, enjoy and try not to get creeped out my extreme randomness. I'm loving the comments, guys! :) I usually read them to motivate me to get the next part written. Thanks a million!

Recap: After a drama filled night, you woke up at noon in not a very good mood. You heard voices coming from downstairs. You try your best to listen in to what they're saying.

Created by: Firey_Soul
  1. You listen in as best as you can to the voices. You recognize them as Bryan's, Nick's, Ethan's, and Allissa's. Bryan is explaining to Nick and Ethan what happened last night. "Ugggh." you groan. "Thanks a lot for the reminder, Bryan." Nick's responce to Bryan was; "Good lord, Bryan. I can't leave any of you alone for two seconds." Guess Nick is a bit grumpy today. Ignoring Nick's comment, Bryan asks; "So do you think you can fix Chris and Slate... or at least Chris?" "I'll see what I can do." Nick replies. "I'm gonna go check on ____. She's probably pretty upset." Ethan says. "Oh, she is. She's just devastated that her precious little Jace is hurt!" Bryan says in a mocking tone. "I think you're over exaggerating, Bryan. She cares about Chris too, she just felt the need to defend Slate because none of us really seemed to care." Allissa says. "Whatever. I'm still mad at her." Bryan replies. "Oh stop being such a dick!" Ethan says. "F--- off, Ethan." Bryan retorts. You don't hear a responce, but you do hear footsteps.
  2. "Oh, crap. Ethan's coming." you think. You roll over on your side and pretend to be sleeping. Maybe you could ignore Ethan. It's sweet of him to be standing up for you, but you just wanted to be left alone. You hear your door open. "____," Ethan says quietly. "What?" you respond flatly. Oops, so much for pretending to be asleep. "I heard about what happened, and don't worry. Nick is good with this stuff. The guys will be better in no time." Ethan says. "They'll still hate me. Bryan does too." you mumble. "That's not true." Ethan replies. "You're just saying that." you say. "No I'm not." he says firmly. "Yes you are." you argue. "Just leave me alone, alright?" "Look, _____. I know you're upset. There must be something I can do to make you feel better." Ethan says. "You can leave me alone." you answer. Ethan sighs. "Fine. For now I will." he says. You hear him walk away and the door close. "Screw it. Why bother get up? There's not much I can do anyway." you think. You stare out the glass doors of your balcony. The weather is stormy to match your mood.
  3. ***Nick's P.O.V.*** Ethan walked back downstairs into the kitchen where we were having our conversation. "Well?" I asked. "Don't bug, _____ today." Ethan said. "I'm out of here." Bryan announced as he walked away. He was probably going to go isolate himself in the library. "I should probably get to work now." I said. "Can I come with you?" Allissa asked. I raised an eyebrow. "Allissa, do you really want to see me stitch up two guys in the lab?" I asked. "I don't mind." Allissa replied. "And besides, won't you get lonely?" She smiled innocently. "Alright then. Let's go." I said. "You wanna go too, Ethan?" Allissa asked. "Uh, I'll pass." Ethan replied walking away.
  4. ***Allissa's P.O.V.*** The lab was silent other than the beeping of the heart monitors attatched to Chris and Slate. I sat on a chair about 3 feet away from the table that Chris was lying on, watching with great fasination. Chris' wound was pretty deep, and it looked like it really hurt. I looked up at Nick. He was wearing a doctors mask and rubber gloves which reminded me of one of those hospital drama shows. His violet eyes were glued on Chris, not even once looking up at me. I looked back down on Chris and watched as Nick wiped off the excess blood with gauze and stitched up his pale skin. There was no damage to his abs. That's good news for ____.
  5. Pretty soon, Nick was done with Chris and got ready for fixing up Jace. I didn't move from my spot and watched from a distance. I found myself spacing out later and I lost track of time. Before I knew it, Nick was done. "When do you think they'll wake up?" I asked, breaking the silence that has lingered here for a while. "I'd say they'll wake up tonight." Nick answered. A question popped up in my mind and slipped out of my mouth. "What if they try to kill each other in the lab?" I asked. "Good point." Nick said, "Plus we wouldn't want Slate near where we have our magic and potions stored." "Wait, I know what to do!" I said. I walked over and grabbed some rope, tying Chris' and Slate's arms and legs to the tables they were on. Nick smirked. "Got a better idea?" he asked. "It will work for now. We'll check on them often and untie them when they need it." I said. "Well okay then." Nick replied. "Nick," I said. His eyes met mine. "Yeah?" "Thanks for doing this. It means a lot to ____." I replied. Nick smiled. "Anything for ____." He said.
  6. "You're a sweet kid, Nick." I said. "Aw, stop it you." Nick joked. I laughed. "Well it's true. No wonder ____ likes you so much." Nick looked surprised, but in a good way. "She does?" he asked. I nodded. Nick's cheeks turned red. I smiled at him, knowing perfectly well that he has a thing for _____. "I'll see you later. I'm gonna go see what Anthony is up to." I said leaving Nick alone. I went upstairs to Anthony's room and walked in. He was still asleep. The sight made me smile. Anthony had a way of always looking adorable. I sat on his bed and rubbed his back, listening to his quiet breathing. My heart melted a little when I saw him smile. Anthony opened his dark eyes and fixed them on mine. "Hey babe," he said in almost a whisper. I smiled. "It's about damn time you woke up. It's one in the afternoon, lazy ass." I joked. Anthony laughed and sat up. "Well sorry. I was tired, okay?" he replied. "That's fine." I said, kissing him briefly. Anthony got out of bed. I raised an eyebrow. "Spongebob boxers?" I questioned. Anthony grinned. "Hell yeah. You know you love it, Allissa." he replied winking. I laughed. "Anthony, you're 17 years old and you still have the courage to wear spongebob boxers. One of the many reasons why I love you." I said.
  7. Anthony laughed. "Let's never grow up." He said. "Agreed." I replied. Anthony got dressed. "To change the subject, how are Chris and Slate doing?" he asked. "They should wake up by tonight." I answered. "Oh, that's cool." Anthony said. "So do you wanna go somewhere with me?" "Sorry, I can't." I replied. "I have to stay here to make sure that Chris and Slate don't try to kill each other." "Bummer." Anthony said, "Maybe later then?" "Sure." I answered.
  8. ***TIME FORWARD**** (Still Allissa's P.O.V) What the firetruck?! It was midnight and niether Chris nor Slate has woken up. Nick said they would, but why aren't they?! The lab was so quiet, you could actually feel it. I was sick of being stuck here alone with two unconcious guys. I could also barely keep my eyes open. My yawn cut through the silence but soon faded and the silence came back. "Screw this. I'm going to bed." I thought as I walked out of the lab. There's no such thing as logical thinking when you're this tired.
  9. ***Your P.O.V.*** You spent all day in your room, playing on your laptop, drawing, and just being alone like you wished. It was nice, but not as nice as being with the guys. You feel sorta bad for treating Ethan like that when all he tried to do was make you feel better. Plus he was one of the few guys that didn't seem to be mad at you; and maybe you screwed that up too. "Yeah, I think it's offical that I called the b---- card today." you think. Oh well, we all gotta do it. You decided that you will be nicer tomorrow and continue to avoid everyone today. It was safe to say that everyone was in bed, so you could go downstairs. You haven't eaten all day and you were starving.
  10. You go downstairs and eat whatever you want in front of the TV for a bit. When you're done, curiousity gets the best of you. You wonder how the guys are doing. Checking on them wouldn't hurt anyone, right? Right. You've only been to the lab a few times, but you're pretty sure you know where it is. You start heading down the hallway where you think the lab is. Most of the lights are off in the mansion, and the hallways are pretty dark. There's something eerie and intriguing about them. You keep going until you see a door. Oh, right. It had one of those handprint identification thingys. You didn't know if it would work on you or not. You definately weren't an intruder, so it's worth a shot. You placed your hand on the metal and the light turned green underneath your hand. The door opened. "Hey, what do you know? It actually worked." you think as you walk inside the lab.
  11. The lab is dimly lit and it sort of reminds you of a mix between a hospital and mad scientist's lab. Chris and Jace are tied down on tables about 4 feet apart from each other- You could guess that they were tied down for safety reasons. Both guys were shirtless with a fairly long line of sticthes just barely missing their abs. One on Chris' left side and one on Jace's right side. Chris is the guy who's closest to you, so you walk over to him first. The now naturally black ends of his hair were in his face a bit. His closed eyelids were relaxed. You study his face for a second, but then look down at his side. Without giving it much thougt, you trace the line of stitches lighty with your finger.
  12. ***Chris' P.O.V.*** Less than 5 minutes ago, I woke up to find myself in the lab tied down to a table. Jace was next to me also tied down and he was out cold. I could remember everything. My side hurt a bit, but my heart hurt way worse. I didn't even know how to feel. What I did was a big mistake. I stabbed my own half brother over some girl. But that some girl is _____. I loved her to death, and I'm pretty sure I still do even though she obviously likes Jace. That's NOT what I want. _____ should be mine. Not Jace's... and if he hurts her I swear I'm gonna... I cut my thought off before it completed itself. That's how I got into this whole mess, I was defending _____ so she wouldn't get hurt or taken advantage of. Jace has lost his mind, I couldn't trust him anymore. Especially not with ____. That's why I did it... but he's my half brother, we used to be so close and I feel bad. That shouldn't have happened, but it did. Just then, I heard the door open, I quickly pretended to be asleep. I'm a good actor so maybe whoever was there would buy it.
  13. I felt their prescence right next to me. The vibes I got off of this person gave it away. It was _____. She was staring right at me, so I didn't dare move a muscle. When I felt her look away, I opened my eyes just enough to confirm that it was her and closed them again. Maybe I should open my eyes all the way and let her know that I'm ok. But does she even care? Actually I think I should just stay still. Any thoughts I'd been having were now gone when I felt _____ lightly running her finger across the line of stitches in my side. A chill went up my spine. _____ has never touched me like this before. It didn't hurt, I actually liked it. Her hands were cold and there was just something special about it. My brain soon brought me back to reality. "Alright, Chris. Don't be getting too excited... she likes Jace, not you." I thought to myself.
  14. Oh, my! It does smell of cliffhangers in here. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, there it is. Hope you guys enjoyed! :) This weekend and week looks pretty busy so I have no idea when I'll get the next part out. I'll try to write it soon though, but I'm not promising anything. Did I ever tell you that I'm pretty psyched because my art and writing career is starting to take off? Well it's true. :) My art teacher wants to feature some of my art in this art show that was supposed to be for advanced art students. However, there were a few exceptions and I'm one of them! (I'm only in 8th grade, so I can't take advanced art yet, but I plan to in the future.) Also, in my creative writing class, we are going to be writing essays about stuff we believe in. I have an opportunity to win $200 if I write a good enough essay. I don't know if I can, but I'm sure going to try! That is all for now. Who do you like? :)

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