Paranormal Love (part 25)

Hey guys, welcome to part 25 of my Paranormal Love series. This part is mostly from Allissa's point of view and it's just a teeny bit gory, but it's not too bad. No worries!

Recap: You and Jace go to the mountains after he gives you a memeory erasing potion. Chris, Bryan, Ethan, Nick, Anthony, and Allissa got into the castle. They went up to Slate's office, Nick kicked open the door and they saw...

Created by: Firey_Soul

  1. Our eyes widened (especially mine) and it took all my will power to keep my jaw from dropping to the ground. Sitting at Slate's desk was... Heidi, with her feet on the desk, looking smugly back at us. "Heidi?!" I exclaimed. "That's my name, don't wear it out." Heidi replied. "I KNEW YOU WORKED FOR SLATE!" Ethan and Nick blurted out at the same time. "Smart boys." Heidi said. "Where's Slate then?" Anthony asked. "He's gone with ____. So for now I am Slate." Heidi said. We all pulled out our swords and walked closer to Heidi. "Just tell us where she is." Bryan said in dead serious tone. He narrowed his eyes. His voice hardly ever sounded like that, so he really meant business. Chris, Ethan, and Nick looked that way too. Heidi didn't look scared in the least. "He didn't tell me where he was going with her." Heidi said in a neutral tone, as if there weren't six sharp swords less than a foot away from her. "I don't believe you." Nick said. "Now where's ____?" "I'm telling the truth." Heidi stated plainly with still no fear in her voice. We all got a little closer to her to try and see if that would make her talk. "I suggest you tell us right now." Chris said. "What will happen if I don't?" she asked smirking. "You'll die." Chris said. Heidi looked amused. "You don't scare me. None of you do." she said.
  2. "That's it!" Bryan snapped. He raised his sword and quickly aimed for Heidi's heart, but she dissapeared into thin air when it was just 1 inch away from her. "I'm over here, guys." She said. We all turned around. She was standing near the entrance of Slate's office. "Dammit, she can teleport!" I said under my breath. Heidi looked amused. "Well, you guys will never win, but I don't want to pass up an opportunity to battle you." she said. "I'll even give you a little advantage. I won't teleport." "Don't be so sure of yourself, Heidi. It's 6 against 1." Ethan said. Heidi changed into her magical form, which looked like a fairy. She didn't look very intimidating, but seemed pretty confident. "This is where you are wrong." Heidi said. "NOW GUYS!" she yelled. Surrounding us was about 30 supernatural beings, some looked familiar, some I didn't recognize. They all looked like they wanted to kill us. I felt a tiny bit scared, but I didn't let it show. I wasn't about to back down, neither was Chris, Bryan, Ethan, Nick, or Anthony. "We can do it, guys." I heard Bryan's voice in my head.
  3. I took a deep breath. "Get 'em!" Heidi comanded. They all ran twords us. Each of us had to fight off four or five supernatural beings at a time. I was too focused on defending myself to pay attention to what the other guys were doing. I was up against a werewolf with grey fur and yellow eyes, a ghost with blue-green eyes and brown hair, a demon with short black hair and black eyes (naturally black, not death stare black), and an overly made up fairy I recognized as Paris (I have no idea why Heidi picked that idiotic fairy to fight!) The werewolf stared at me as if planning to attack me. Both Paris and the demon ran twords me, I shot fire out of my plams at both of them. The demon dodge the flames, but I got Paris. She screamed trying to put out the flames and ran out of Slate's office. What a great fighter. I almost laughed, but I still had a demon, ghost, and werewolf to deal with. The demon tried attacking me from behind, but I expected that and abruptly turned around and punched him so hard, I knocked him clean out. I kicked him over so he was lying on his stomach and snapped his neck with my foot. Who says converse can't do damage? "2 down, 2 to go." I thought.
  4. The werewolf circled me with death written in his eyes. I returned the stare to show that I wasn't afraid of him... even though he was much, much bigger than me. The werewolf lunged at me and pinned me on the ground. I dropped my sword. The werewolf stared at me "Scared yet?" he asked. I descretly reached for my sword and got a grip on it. "Nope." I replied and stabbed the werewolf in the heart. I pushed him aside and got up. The werewolf let out one last howl. Now I was just faced with the ghost. Ghosts are tricky to fight because they can't be physically attacked. The objects just go through them (unless they're a dumb ghost and are in that state where things can hurt them.) The ghost stared at me, his eyes turned really, really, light green. All of a sudden I felt really hopeless and almost gave up right on the spot. Then I realized something. The ghost was messing with my emotions and I couldn't let him do that. I avoided eye contact and blocked him out. The ghost got really close to me, I didn't think it would work, but I tried stabbing the ghost with my sword, it just went right through him. The ghost kept trying to mess with my emotions but I didn't let him. The ghost realized he couldn't attack me emotionally, so he became less transparent, meaning I could now physically fight him. The ghost picked up a sword off the floor and began fighting me. Our swords crashed a few times until my sword was knocked out of my hands. The ghost was about to stab me when I put my hands in front of my and shot him with a huge blast of fire, burning him badly.
  5. I was about to look and see how the guys were doing when I felt someone grab me from behind with one hand around my waist and one hand covering my mouth. My scream was blocked and I tried to get free but they had a super tight grip on me. I turned around enough to get a glimpse of who it was. I saw dark green eyes, wavy brown hair, and a neck with a line of stitches across it... No mistaking who that was, it was Matt. My heart started racing, I no longer had my sword and he had my hands in a position where I couldn't use my fire power. I said something but Matt's hand blocked it. He took his hand off my mouth but kept a firm grip on me. "I'm sorry. What was that, Cupcake?" he asked. I could tell he was smirking. "Let me go right now, Matt! And don't call me 'Cupcake'!" I demanded. "You can't tell me what to do. However I CAN tell you what to do. Come with me." Matt said. "Hell no. Now let me go if you want to live." I threatened. "Come with me if you want to live." Matt said. Then he pulled out a knife and held it to my neck. I was feeling a bit freaked out now. I was in no mood to seem defenceless, go anywhere with Matt, or get my throat slit. I thought for a minute before saying "Matt, you wouldn't!" "Wouldn't I?" Matt asked. "You're with Anthony. I'll never get to be with you, so now you have no purpose to me." he said.
  6. Oh great. He's lost his mind completely. I closed my eyes expecting a lot of pain and blood in my future... and I was right. However, it wasn't my own pain or blood... it was Matt's. He loosened his grip on me and fell to the ground in a pool of blood. I turned around to see who my hero was. Standing there with a bloody sword was none other than Anthony. "You saved me!" I exclaimed. Anthony did a cute half smile. "Did you really think I'd let that happen to you?" Anthony asked. I ran over to Anthony and gave him a tight hug. (Who cares if we're covered in blood?!) "I'll always be there for you, Allissa." Anthony whispered. I almost felt like crying, but now was not the time for being mushy. I quickly kissed him on the lips and we looked to see how the other guys were doing. It looks like they were winning. Most of the other supernatural beings were dead or badly injured. There were only 3 left. The guys were working together to fight them. Wait, now there are only two more... and now one... and he's gone too. All we have left is Heidi.
  7. Heidi scanned the room. "Wow, well I see you guys do have some fighthing skills, but you still can't defeat me." she said. "Can't we?" Chris asked. He was still shaken up from the fighting, so he had no problem turning his eyes black. "Death stare doesn't work on me, Chris." Heidi said. I didn't know how that was possible, but apperently it was because Heidi wasn't dying. Just then, she pulled some pink stuff out of her pocket, it looked like soft sand. "Fairy dust?" I thought. She put the pink sand on the plam of her hand a blew it twords us, it formed a small cloud and all of a sudden, everything went black.
  8. ***Your P.O.V.*** You and Jace arrived at the mountians, you found a good place to set up eveything. It was already late, but you and Jace talked for a while anyway, sharing jokes and stories. After a while, you both got tired and fell asleep in the tent in each other's arms.
  9. ***TIME FORWARD*** One day later. ***Allissa's P.O.V.*** I woke up in a dark place with my neck and back hurting. This place seemed all too familiar.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who do you like?

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