Paranormal Love (part 19)

Hey guys, welcome to part 19 of my Paranormal Love series! Sorry it took me so long, I've been really busy lately. This part is longer than usual, so I've made it up to you. (Unless you have a short attention span and prefer the shorter quizzes.)

Recap: You and Chris are watching a movie when you fall asleep on him and have a dream about Jace. You notice a tatoo of a flaming pentagram on the back of Jace's neck.

Created by: Firey_Soul
  1. As you drift off to sleep again, you start seeing Jace again... still walking away from you. You keep staring at his reminds you of the pentagram on the book that Bryan was reading a while ago. You knew that pentagrams were used for both good and evil, you were guessing Jace's tatoo represented evil because the pentagram was bright red and engulfed in flames. Jace is still walking away from you. You get a really strong urge to follow him. You give in and run up to Jace. You have no idea what to say to him, you just want to follow him. "Jace! Wait!" you say. Jace turns around and smiles. His eyes seem to glow a bit and he had that usual mischevious look. Jace puts his arm around you and holds you close to him. "That's my girl." he says as you two continue walking.
  2. Just then, you wake up for the second time, a bit more aware of your surroundings. You notice that the tv is off and the living room is dark, not completely though. At night, moonlight seemed to pour into the huge windows rather than sunlight. It was really pretty. You also notice that you are still in Chris' arms, and he's asleep. "Well, that was a weird dream... I gotta stop thinking about Jace. Seriously brain, knock it off." you think. You wonder if you should go to bed or just stay on the couch. You're comfortable where you are and you don't feel like getting up, so you just go back to sleep in Chris' arms.
  3. You sleep peacefully for a while with no other dreams and you end up waking up WAY earlier than you usually do, it's still a bit dark out. You glance over at the clock, it's 5:30AM. Too early to do much of anything. You space out for a little while. Then you feel the need to stretch, you try to slip out of Chris' arms without waking him up. At first he doesn't wake up but then you see his green eyes open. Chris smiles. "Thought you could escape, huh?" he says playfully although he looks tired. You smile, "Well, I wasn't trying to, I just needed to stretch out, sheesh!" you say. "Well, alright." Chris replies. He looks over at the clock, "So, why are you up so early?" he asks. "I don't know, whenever I have weird dreams, it kind of messes up my sleep." you say. "Weird dreams? What about?" Chris asks. You realize that you've said too much. You hesitate wondering if you should tell Chris that the dreams were about Jace. "C'mon ____, you know you can tell me anything." Chris says. You sigh and figure maybe it would be better if you just told him. "Well...okay." you say.
  4. "I had a dream...well actually two, about Jace." you begin. You can see a hint of pain and discomfort in Chris' eyes, as if just you mentioning Jace's name hurt him somehow. "What happened in the dream?" Chris asked in a fairly neutral tone of voice although his eyes told quite a different story. "Not much, I just saw him walking away from me. And for some reason I wanted to follow him, so I did." you say. "And that's it?" Chris asks. "No," you say. "I also noticed a tatoo of a flaming pentagram on the back of Jace's neck. Is that just my imagination or does Jace really have that tatoo?" you ask. "Slate... er, I mean Jace really does have that tatoo." Chris says. "What does it mean?" you ask. "It's supposed to represent evil. Jace uses dark magic to get what he wants, so that tatoo fits him perfectly." "How exactly did you find out about this tatoo?" you ask. Chris' neutral expression finally begins to show some emotion, and he looked hurt and sad. "____, there's something I haven't been telling you..." Chris says. You feel a bit nervous. "What is it?" you ask.
  5. "Jace and I are... actually half brothers." Chris says. your eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Really?" you ask. "So did you guys always hate each other?" "Not always..." Chris says. "See, when we were younger, we used to be best friends and get along just fine. We could depend on each other, we stayed in touch, and we did a lot of stuff together." "So what went wrong?" you ask. "Part of it was our parent's influence on us." Chris says. "Our mother was a vampire from the dark side. My father was a vampire from the light side, he was kind, caring, and he wouldn't hurt a fly. I guess that's where I get my morals from. However... my mother was pretty opposite, she didn't have very many morals. My parents divorced right after my father found out my mother was cheating on him with a demon... a selfish, heartless, power-hungry demon. Yes, Jace's father. Don't ask me why she did that, I seriously have no idea. Despite the divorce, I was still able to see Jace. He only took after his father a little bit, he was rebeillious, and tended to get angry easily and fight a lot, but he was still likeable. We were good until about high school..." Chris pauses, he still looks hurt and sad. You feel bad for Chris, you give him a look of sympathy but also urge him to go on. "We went to a school for humans and had to hide our powers. The school really sucked. Everyone was rude to us. Jace got into a lot of fights and got sent to the principal's office just about every day. Jace's hatred for humans progressively grew stronger... until one day, I think he lost it. He claimed he'd destroy all humans and make earth a place for immortals only. He became obssesed with that, and was very determined. The death of his father, still the cause is unknown, made Jace even more determined since his father also had a strong hatred for humans and that would make him proud. I hated being around him while he was like that, so I avoided him at all costs. I ended up moving in with Bryan and totally avoiding most of my family. I didn't know exactly how he'd destroy all humans, but then I heard about you. It was when you were in tenth grade, we would have come to your school and taken you right there, but we had to make sure you were really the one with the exteremely rare power. When we got confirmation, that's when we took you. Just be glad we found you before Jace did. After killing all the humans, who knows what that psychopath would have done next." Chris says. "Oh my gosh... I had no idea!" you say. You pause for a moment, "I'm glad you finally told me all that, but what does the tatoo have anything to do with it?" you ask. "Getting there." Chris says.
  6. "That was a short summary of Jace's and my life, but the other guys are involved in this too. Especially Bryan." Chris says. "Bryan and I were best friends since middle school, and Jace liked him too. The three of us did a lot of stuff together, including getting tatoos when we were in high school, you know, before Jace lost his mind. We all thought the pentagram design was cool, so we all decided to get that. Jace got a red flaming pentagram, Bryan got a sky blue pentagram with white accents, and I got a purple pentagram with grey accents. It was supposed to represent our friendship...but obviously, the friendship only worked out with me and Bryan." Chris sighs. "I'm sorry, Chris." you say giving him a hug. "It's not your fault, ____." Chris says wrapping his arms around your waist. You let go after about 10 seconds and ask. "So do you still have your tatoo?" you ask. "Yes." Chris replies. "Can I see it?" you ask. Chris nods. His tatoo was higher up on the back of his neck, so it was covered up by his hair. He turned around and moved his hair, sure enough there was a cool looking pentagram tatoo, purple with grey accents. Chris turns back around. "On the bright side, it's a really cool looking tatoo." you say. "Yeah, I guess." Chris replies. "But wait..." you say. "I have one more question, where do Ethan and Nick come into this?" you ask.
  7. "We met Ethan and Nick in high school. Jace didn't really hang out with them, it was just me and Bryan. Ethan and Nick only knew Jace for a short period of time before uh... you know what happened by now. I guess Jace had a way with words, because he convinced a lot of other supernatural beings, ones that used to be our friends to disown us completely and help him reach his goal. We finally just had to leave all of them because we had a totally different feeling twords humans... we don't exactly like them, but we don't want them all to die either, it seems wrong. For a while there, we thought we were the only ones who felt that way, but then Ethan met Anthony, introduced him to all of us, and we met Allissa too. We all became friends, and they told us a little bit about you... at the time, they didn't know about you're rare power, but then we found out and all the pieces of the puzzle came together. So, that's basically what happened." Chris says. "Wow..." you reply, not exactly knowing what to say. You glance at the clock, it's 6AM now. "That's some pretty heavy stuff this early in the morning." you say. Chris yawns. "Yeah... it is, sorry. But don't you feel better knowing now?" he asks. You nod. "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm going back to sleep." Chris says getting up off the couch. "You can come with me if you want." he says and winks.
  8. You do whatever you decide to do. By noon, you're out on the beach enjoying the sun. Ethan is with you and you guys are talking. At first you tell him that you now know everything that Chris told you. It was nothing Ethan didn't already know and he just confirmed the story was true. Then you and Ethan start talking about random and funny stuff. You love talking about that stuff with Ethan, he says the funniest, wittiest, and most interesting things ever. You could talk to him for hours and hours and not get bored in the slightest way. You and Ethan decide to go for a swim because the sun is just about melting you two. As you're heading twords the ocean, a volleyball comes flying at you, you just barely dogde it. "Woah! Where did that come from?" Ethan asks. You see a girl a running twords you. She picks up the volleyball. "Oops, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to almost kill you with that volleyball!" the girl says. (She actually sounds like she means it by the way.) "Well, you didn't so it's okay. No worries." you say. "Oh good." the girl says. "I guess that's enough volleyball practice for one day." she laughs a little bit. You then realize that you've seen this girl before.
  9. She was that same girl with the curly brown hair and blue eyes that was marveling over Bryan yesterday. "Hey, I think I've seen you before." the girl says. "You were surfing with this guy yesterday." "Uh, yeah." you say. "And you were totally checking him out." you think. "So do you two live here?" the girl asks you and Ethan. "Yes. I live here with 6 of my friends, including him and 'that guy' you saw yesterday." you say. "Lucky! I wish I lived here, I'm just on vacation. This place is amazing!" the girl says. "I know," you say, "So can I get your name?" you ask. "Oh, right. How rude of me," the girl says. "My name is Heidi. And you are?" "_____, and this is Ethan. Nice to meet you Heidi." you say.
  10. You and Ethan end up going swimming with Heidi and you get to know each other better. It turns out that Heidi and Ethan have quite a few things in common, both looks and personality wise. They both have brown hair and blue eyes, and they both are really nice and funny. (Don't worry, Heidi is not going to steal Ethan or any other guy away from you, so she's definately friend material.) You plan to meet her at the beach tomorrow, then you and Ethan go back to the beachouse.
  11. You spend the rest of the day with the guy you like. For the most part, you forget about the sad story Chris told you, it only crosses your mind every once in a while. You find it's easier to just not worry though, so you don't.
  12. (crappy) CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty sure the next part will have a good one though! ;) Who do you like?
  13. So, I read the comments, and some of you said that you needed the guys descriptions again. Well, here they are. (If you already know what they look like, feel free to skip this part.)
  14. Chris- he has jet black emo style hair and bright green eyes that can stare into your soul, Chris' eye color is a mixture of emerald green and grass green with a hint of jade green. He has lip rings (cute ones, not freaky ones) which he takes out occasionally. Chris has a sexy smile. His skin is pale and flawless, and he has a nice build with his lean muscles and six-pack. He used to be that mysterious guy, but now that you know him better, you found that he's flirty and outgoing. He hasn't lost his mysterious element though. Chris is a vampire, but he's not in his magical form very often, so he doesn't crave blood that much. Even when he does, he has the willpower to resist.
  15. Bryan- he has shorter hair than Chris and it's not emo style but it's still really cute. Bryan's hair is brown with natural blonde highlights. He has an angelic looking face, adorable chocolate brown puppy dog eyes, a sweet smile, and super cute dimples. He has a hot body with his tan flawless skin, lean muscles like Chris' and a six-pack. Bryan is a total flirt, competitive, and a bit of a rebel, but he can be sweet when he wants to be. He's a dark angel- sinfully hot.
  16. Ethan- he has thick, dark brown hair the same length as Bryan's but not exactly the same style and the most gorgeous blue eyes ever. Ethan's eyes are a combination of sky blue, icy blue, and swimming pool water blue. He has a sweet, contageous smile and a small dimple in his left cheek. Ethan has light, flawless skin, plus muscles and a six-pack like the rest of the guys. Ethan is friendly, hilarious, and fun to be around. He's a ghost, but he's usually in his human form.
  17. Nick- he has flippy dirty blonde hair and violet eyes that are sexy and mysterious, yet sweet and friendly looking. Nick has a cute smile and small dimples that are barely noticable. He has tan, flawless skin, and he's all muscular with a six-pack. Nick is sweet, sensitve, and shy, but he's protective and tough when he needs to be. Nick is a werewolf but perfers being in human form, when there's a full moon, he has no choice but to turn into a wolf with glossy black fur, and the same violet eyes.
  18. Jace- he has coal black hair with a blood red streak, his hair is emo style but different from Chris'. Jace has dreamy brown/amber eyes that are so hypnotic and can stare into your soul. He looks hot when he smiles, but also when he doesn't. Jace has light, flawless skin, his muscles are a little above average but not freakish. His tattoo is more noticable than Chris' or Bryan's. Jace is a bad boy, stubborn, and determined. He acts aggressive twords most guys, but charming and smooth-talking twords girls. (especially you.) Jace is a demon, but he's not 100% evil.

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