Paleozoic Trivia

The Paleozoic Era is wonderful and amazing isn't it. Very few people know what it is but thats why I created my website. I hope you learned some cool stuff from my quiz.

I hope you are an Einstein at the Paleozoic Era now after trying my quiz and reading my website but still keep researching to find out more and be careful around those arthropods!

Created by: Taylor Macdonald

  1. What does "Paleozoic" mean?
  2. What was the worlds first super-predator?
  3. When did the Paleozoic Era start?
  4. What order do the periods go in?
  5. What was the oxygen content in the Carboniferous period?
  6. Who was our earliest ancestor?
  7. Which planet crashed into earth?
  8. What was the very first mammal-like reptile?
  9. Which period did the first reptiles appear?
  10. In what period did the first creatures invade the land?

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