Our little Secret part 5

Azy's back with part 5 of "Our little Secret". I hope you guys enjoy this part as much as I wrote it. Please take parts 1-4 is you haven't read them or else you wouldn't understand. Enjoy my friends! ^O^

Characters: Nathan has brown spicy hair, beautiful hazel eyes, cute laugh, and loves to eat :D Jayden has jet black wavy hair, pine green eyes, sexy smile, loves to draw and is Nathan's friend...

Created by: AZY

  1. My dream was full of splattered paint, dancing unicorns, and a box of lucky charms. It soon ended with me eating a chocolate fudge pop. "Here's my number, so call me maybe" I got up tiredly and stretched "It's hard to look right, at you baby, so here's my numb-" I hit the snooze buttom "I'll call you carly so stop reminding me!" I said going into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and combed my hair. I walked downstairs into the kitchen to see my dad, he was eating a poptart. "Aaliah your up!" He asked.
  2. I smiled "Where are you going dressed in a tuxedo?" I asked getting a strawberry poptart. "I'm going to work, I might come late so you know the drill" He said "Don't wait up" I said laughing "Bye sweetheart" He said going out the door. "BYE!" I yelled so he could hear me. I bit my poptart and watched television, Chicagolicious was on and I started watching it. It was episode 3, Photo Shoot. It soon ended and I hear a knock on my door "Wonder who it is?" I asked myself but as I opened the door Ana hugged me
  3. "I want poptarts!" She yelled in my ear, I pulled away from the hug and quickly stuffed my poptart inside her big'ol mouth. She smiled and chewed it "What a good morning welcome, to get yell at" I said sitting back on my soft warm grey couch. Ana sat by me "Plans for today?" She asked as bits of poptart fell out her mouth, I laughed "A date with nathan watching a movie in his house" I answered. "Nice" She said poking my head "I'm not a bobble head" I said poking my finger in her mouth. We soon started to..
  4. Laugh. I saw her look at me "Do you have any relationship drama?" She asked smiling "No and if I did, I wouldn't tell you" I replied "Monster" She said laughing. "What the F-" I got cut of by her stare, it's so damb scary that I can't cuss around her "Damb girl " I said poking her eye. "Ahh, b----" She said laughing. We stared at eachother quietly "I LOVE YOU!" We both yelled at eachother then hugged. She then had to leave to babysitt her little sister. I looked at the clock, it was now 3:50pm. Almost 4.
  5. I decided to take a warm shower letting my mind run free in my thoughts. When I got out in my robe it was 4:30pm. I then blow dried my hair and started to straightened it, I put mascara, blush, and lip gloss. "Cute" I heard myself say. I looked through my closet and decided to put on ripped skinny jeans, red diamond shirt, black jacket, and my grey little boots. When I was ready it was 7: 48pm. I walked out my house and started walking to nathan's house. I was nervous.
  6. I soon arrived and knocked on the door, I waited patiently untill the door opened but it was Jayden. "Hey Ally" He said smiling. "Hi Jay" I laughed "Don't call me Jay, it makes me feel like a girl" He replied letting me inside. I walked inside and saw Nathan walking down the stairs. "Hey beautifull" Nathan said smiling. I smiled "Hey handsome" I replied. He went to me and kissed my lips softly. "Lets make popcorn" I suggested. Jayden and Nathan both nodded and walked into the kitchen.
  7. "What movie are we watching?" I asked them as I popped some popcorn. "I don't kn-" Nathan got cut off by Jayden. "21 Jump Street" He said smiling. I rolled my eyes and laughed "Okay" I said as I walked over to there big couch and sat in the middle. Jayden then sat on my left while Nathan was on my right. It felt awkward to be in a couch with the two people you like. As the movie started I leaned my head on Jayden's shoulder. I felt him warm. I saw Nathan look at me with a questioning look.
  8. I lifted my head up and went over to him, he smiled. He went down to my ear "Your very preety today" He whispered. "Thank you" I whispered back. He leaned in and kissed me very sweetly. I kissed him back. He was so sweet and gentle when he wasn't drunk.
  9. *Jayden's View of Point~* I saw them kiss and I felt a hint of jealousy. I wanted her to be mine not Nathan's. He might be my friend put he doesn't deserve her love. As they pulled away I looked away and stared at the screen.
  10. *Regular Point~* I pulled away and looked at Nathan, he smiled. "Tasty" He said laughing. I poked his cheek and he hugged me. I looked over at Jayden and he looked mad with a hint of sadness. I was worried. Did I do something wrong? I thought in my head. As the movie ended Nathan went to the bathroom, I took advantage of the time to ask Jayden. "Are you okay?" I asked quietly. He didn't answer, I looked at him "Tell me Jayden" I said grabbing his hand. He looked at me "I'm fine just need something" He said

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