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There are many smart people, few of them are programmers... If you're a programmer you're already one step above them, find out by how by testing your OOP knowledge.

YOU, yes You. The one looking at the screen, are you an OOP genius, do you have what it takes to be among the best? Are you at the top? To find out take this quiz! Enjoy xx

Created by: Stochastic1998
  1. An object that has more than one form is referred to as:
  2. Pick the term that relates to polymorphism
  3. One or more function that has different number of argument or different type of argument but all have same return type is called as
  4. Two or more methods with same name in the same class with different arguments is called as
  5. An _______ cannot provide any code at all,can provide only the signature.
  6. Static methods cannot be accessed directly from the class level.
  7. Which of the following is not a part of OOP?
  8. What modifiers are not allowed for methods in an Interface (choose one or more answers)
  9. When sub class declares a method that has the same type arguments as a method declared by one of its superclass,it is termed as
  10. Method with the same name or different return type and difference in the parameters either in number or type is known as

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