One Direction Love Story part:7

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Created by: Princess Giggles
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  1. "Siena will you chillax? Oh i got a text from Cierra. She said she'll drop by." You said.* Ding dong* its probably Cierra. You walk over to the door and you see CIERRA!! She has Brown eyes light curly brown hair and has a light tan." I never thought you would be here in England with me and Siena. " Cierra said. " Come in,i got some news." You said as she walked in. "CIERRA!" You heard Siena coming from the kitchen. " Harry come down please,i want you to meet a friend of mine" you say as Cierra and Siena are in the middle of a conversation. Harry comes down the stairs. " Harry this is my friend since fifth grade Cierra. Cierra this is my boyfriend Harry. " you said. * ding* " Cupcakes are ready! " Siena yelled. She raced and got them out.
  2. You all talked a bit till Siena announced thet the cupcakes are ready to eat. You get a text from Isaiah. It said, I'm on break so I'll visit you and dad. I'll be there in 3 or 4 hours. You smiled. Someone was knocking on your door. You expected it to be a neighbor but it was Bon. Bon has a creepy little sister grey eyes and is tall
  3. You guys talk for another long time and you heard the door get a knock. Its Cierra's boyfriend, Myles. He says hello and walks over to Cierra. Now everyone is happy and with their boyfriend. The door gets a good knock and this time its Isaiah. You lead him to the living room where everyone eles is at. The door gets a good knock and you opened it its Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis. They somehow find their was to the living room but one more knock and you open it. This face is fairly familiar
  4. "Who are you and what are you doing at my house? " you ask. The man looks at you and says "I'm Joe" that name sounds like the one in your dream but you just shrug it off. You talk to him and you realize its Joe from when you were in fifth grade. You invite him in and you introduce him to everybody. Harry immediately grabs your hand and pulls you to the library across the living room. "Who is that? " Harry asked. " That's Joe,an old friend of mine." You said. "Okay but if he does something gross,i will shove poison ivy down his throat and while he's in a comma I'll beat his body." Harry said. You told him if Joe tried to hurt you,you would tell Harry.
  5. You both leave and join everyone back in the living room. Siena said something but you feel dizzy and fuzzy until the last thing you see is black.
  7. Sorry peeps shout out to anglesinger19 for being awesome and for being a good friend
  8. Shoutout: CC you rock and no not Siena, i'm talkin bout Cierra. Thx for being a great person to talk to
  9. Shoutout: CC you rock and no not Siena, i'm talkin bout Cierra. Thx for being a great person to talk to
  10. Shoutout: CC you rock and no not Siena, i'm talkin bout Cierra. Thx for being a great person to talk to
  11. Shout out to Cupcake and Frosting for being the best sisters ever. I live and i love you both so much. I miss u

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