A chance meeting with one direction love story part 3

if you want to be in this love story please read the question of the day and comment please. the question of the day is in the results. hope you enjoy

if you want to be in this love story please read the question of the day and comment please. the question of the day is in the results. hope you enjoy your love story

Created by: starcross
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  1. recap: you were captured by the guards when u went to get your lost phone and you left a txt msg to alexia to decode to find u. she did but when the boys and her came it was too late you were being hauled to a police car. They don’t know where the cops took you. You are really scared and they are all worried. They are going to look for you.
  2. Liam: one question lied in my head “will we ever find__________”
  3. The back of a police car is really uncomfortable. The seats are hard and every few seconds the back part of the car bumps. Not the kind of bumps that motivates all your classmates to rush to the back of the bus to sit in order to feel the bumps because it feels so cool. It’s more of an annoying bump. Maybe I just feel annoyed because I just can’t believe that me out of all people are going to jail and Jeff seems really excited to book me. He really has nothing better to do than to get a girl and arrest her. I was so annoyed and I knew I was going to jail anyway so I said “Jeff…you can’t get a girl on your own or your actual age so the only way to get a girl in your car is to arrest her.wow ….what a superb life you have.” His partner I found out is named Steve started to laugh. Which made me laugh too and Jeff turned his head backwards even though he was driving and gave me a quick death stare and said “I can’t wait to book you and maybe you will stay overnight and learn to adjust your attitude towards adults”. I gulped. Like can a person really be booked or stay overnight in a jail cell just for running away from guards and acting rude. It’s not even like I resisted arrest. I think he can only call my mom but he is just trying to scare me but truthfully he should’ve of just said he is calling my parents because I think I’m more scared of getting in trouble with mom. When she gets angry oh boy does she get angry. And I think this tops all of the “stunts” (invisible air quotes in my mind) I did: which she likes to call it whenever I misbehave.
  4. Louis POV: we all ran frantically to the front desk after realizing ____is not in the room. I asked the front desk person named James if he saw a girl that has {description of yourself}. He says “no” so I was about to leave when Liam said “do you know where Jeff went”. And then he says “yeah, do you need him”. “Yes”Liam says. “Well I’ll just call him. I don’t know if he reached the prison yet”. Before I could comment Zayn asks “he is off to the prison?” James said “yes…apparently he arrested a young girl-I don’t know what she looks like but he said he took her because she tried sneaking up to your room and she pretended to know you and he asked her where is her friend that escaped from him earlier and she said that her friend is hanging out with one direction and obviously he thought she was lying so he took her to an actual prison so it would break her and maybe she will admit to where her friend really is. Wow I never heard of anything like this in my entire career. And I have been working here for thirty years.” He laughed and said “that’s such a stupid lie she should of gone with something simple”. He was laughing in a mocking tone and you could see alexia was now worried and changed to anger quickly. She said “I am that girl’s friend, and obviously I’m with one direction so you can stop thinking that this is some big fake lie and laughing in a mocking tone and go bleep{insert curse} yourself”. I was shocked and took her away. I told her “he is an old geyser and he is probably excited that there is some drama in this hotel and also how could he possibly know that she is telling the truth. He doesn’t know the whole story. So give him a break.” She seemed angry but then cooled and said in a low voice but still clear “I guess you are right. It does seem a little far-fetch when you actually think about it”.
  5. Niall POV: wow Louis just calmed alexia. He always does have a way with girls…usually telling jokes to them but he also shows his sweet and sensitive side which usually causes girls to agree with him. I wonder if I can do that. Hopefully______will think I am that way too and like me.
  6. Zayn POV: Alexia is sooo hot. I like a girl that can handle herself and she was not afraid to stand up for her best friend.
  7. Liam POV: alexia is very hot tempted. I know that attracts zayn but I like_____.she just seems different than all the girls I met in my life. Hopefully when we find her she will see how much I worried about her and want to be with me.
  8. Harry POV: I just finished talking to James after Alexia’s outburst. It was unexpected but it was cool how she stood up for her friend like that. I can respect that. James told me which station Jeff went too and I can’t wait to find ______so she can spend time with me. I caught up with them and said ______is in Askham Grange prison.
  9. do you guys want to be in a chance meeting with 1D
  10. question of the day is in the results

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