One Direction love story part:5

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Created by: Princess Giggles

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  1. As you get out of the car,Harry calls someone. " Hello? This is your boss. Sorry to disturb you at home, but i need you to work till 7 am." Harry said. " Alright. Let me just call my daughter then. " said a male voice. Your phone started to play I Would and it was your dad. You picked up " Hello? You asked. You heard your dad sigh. "I'm gonna be at work till seven so tell Harry to bring you home already." " Alright then. Im on my way home." You said then hung up. You walk towards your house. Harry says he'll meet you at the back door after your dad leaves. You walk in your house and your dad gives you a hug and leaves .
  2. You walk towards the back door and Harry is there. You open the door and he walks in. " We gonna watch a movie or not? You said we were." You said.
  3. "We are. But first, i need to tell the guys i wont be at the house tonight. I'll tell them im visiting my mum." Harry said. You walk to your room and Harry is following right behind you." Put these on." You said handing him a pair of your dad's sweats. You get in a pair of booty shorts and a tank top. Harry is in the sweats. "What movie you wanna watch?" Harry asks. "How bout The Hunger Games?" You say. He nods yes and you look through epix till you found the HG. You got your phone to start texting with your best friend Siena, but Harry grabs your phone and starts to read aloud " Siena, tomorrow come to my house. Btw, I'm gonna give you the recipe to my cupcakes. Text back ASAP. " he said." Who's Siena? " " Siena is my friend. Bestie as a matter of fact. " you said. Harry put your phone on the nightstand. As soon as you see Cato, you start to squirm. " You like him. " Harry said.
  4. " Yeah so?" You said. " I know him. " Harry announced. You immediately smiled. Your eyelids start to feel heavy until you find yourself asleep. " Harry is dangerous! Stay away from him! He'll only cause you harm!" A familiar voice said in yourdream. You suddenly feel someone shaking you." Alex,Love. Your dad will be here.Wake up." The voice said your eyes fluttered opened like a butterflies wings. You see that Siena had been texting you the whole time. A text came in of her and her boyfriend Bon. They've been dating since Siena and i have been in fifth grade. Ha her man may have a heart,but mine has looks,smarts, and love.You look at Harry, who has been sleeping this whole time. " I love you." Harry said.
  5. You slowly got out of bed and turned off the telly. Youimmediately need someone to text with so you text your friend Cierra that you've had since Bon and Siena. You guys text for a bit until you hear the front door open. You have a mini panic attack. You slowly and quietly woke up Harry. You smiled"Harry my dad is home you need to go some where get in my closet." You said."Okay." He said.
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