One Direction love story part 4

This is a One Direction love story filled with emotional events with famous celebrities Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan.

This is a One Direction love story filled with adventures and games and in this series, you dont go to school much. And the best part, you spend a bunch of time with one direction and other celebrities.

Created by: Princess Giggles

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  1. RECAP, look at part 3.
  2. Liam picks you up (the way grooms do when they pick up their wife) and you manage to run your way to the boys's mansion and you see Niall and Harry sitting down on the couch by the door " Hey guys! " you say cheerfully " Hey Alex! Why'd you steal Liam from us hmm?" Harry askes with a hint of jealousy in his voice " Actually, i invited Alex out to eat," Liam said shy. "B----!" Niall murmured to himself and then thats where Harry said "What the h---!? Niall behave yourself! We have a guest!" You felt tears coming out. "WHAT DO YOU FEEL WHEN ONE OF MY BEST MATES IS DATING THE MOST IMPORTANT AND GORGEOUS GIRL IN MY LIFE !?" Niall yelled so loud the tears came out like the water works. You started to cry ans you ran into someone but you didn't know wo it was " Shh Shh, its okay its okay. " you wipe.your.eyes and see Zayn
  3. " L-Liam invited me out to eat amd then i heard a helicopter hovering above the roof and then we ran her.I said " Hey guys" cheerfully and Niall called me a b----." you cried to Zayn. You nnoticed that his arms are incredibly warm. " I'll go talk to Niall." Zayn said hugging your back in comfortable circular motions. * Harry's pov* " Niall apologize to her. If she means so much to you,treat her like she's a princess and with respect. Not like shes junk under a box.Got it?" I asked Niall. " Fine!" He said all p---- like.
  4. * Narrator' s pov* You walk to the living room to see that Niall has blood shot red eyes. He looks at you and says " I'm sorry, Alex. Will you forgive me?" " Of course, Popstar " you said. ' Did i just call him popstar? ' you think in your mind. " Curly, I need to talk to you." You said referring to Harry. He stands up and leads you to a room. It looks like its his. " Yeah?" He asks. " Thanks for helping Popstar, down there." You said giving Harry a hug. "Anytime, Princess. " He said. You look into his emerald eyes you can see joy and pain in them. You flash a smile and it turns to a wide grin. " I need to say what i feel for you. Words just cant describe you. I'd rather show you." He said. He leaned towards your face and kisses your lips. You decide to kiss him back.He pulls back and holds your hand and you guys leave to the kitchen.
  5. " Wanna watch a movie? " Harry asks you. You nod your yes. He grabs your hand and leads you through a couple of doors and your out the front door and in Harry' s car. You hear I Would on your phone and it's your dad. " Hello?"" Alex, where are you?"" Im here at the library with Harry. We ran into each other at Starbucks. ""Okay but be back by six in the morning. "" I will. Bye daddy. " and with that, the call was over. Harry gives you a Seriously? look. " What?" you ask."Library? Starbucks? Daddy? " he tells you. " My dad bought it." He smiles and kisses your lips and you kiss back. Luckily, the kiss was on a red light.
  6. You pull back and smile. " You're a great kisser, Alex. " Harry says as you take a picture of you and him. You took Like at least 90 pictures. As you show them to Harry, you get a text from Isaiah.You instantly smiled even bigger." Who is it?" Harry asks curiously" Liam. Just kidding it's Isaiah. Im gonna send him a picture of us ." You said. You sent him the picture when Harry kissed your check while you acted surprised
  7. " Wanna be my girlfriend? " Harry asks you. " Of course! " you say in excitement. Isaiah calls on Skype and you pick up " Hey Alex. I saw the picture you sent me. Is he your boyfriend? " Isaiah asks " Yeah, he's a hottie. " you say.You look at Harry and he's smiling at you." Can i talk to him?"" Sure" you say handing Harry your phone. " So you're my little sister's boyfriend huh?" Isaiah asks Harry. "Yes and its a pleasure to meet you. Im Harry Styles and you are?" Harry asks your older brother. " Im Isaiah Cardenas, but you can call me Isaiah, though." Isaiah said.
  8. Harry hands you your phone. " Hey,Alex,use pprotection. Got it! " Isaiah yelled do Harry could hear. " Yeah i will." You said." Harry?" You ask cause its on a red light. Harry turns to look at you but you kiss him. He kisses back but his hands cup your waist and you moan a bit.You pull back and Isaiah hangs up. " That'll show him to mess with you." I said
  9. " What are we doing here?" Yu ask cause its your home. " You'll see " he tells you. He gets out of the carand opened your door.You got out.
  10. * CLIFFHANGER* will you rate and comment

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