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  • Heyy girly its George again. lol sorry I had to change my account, but the old quizzes are still there on George8840. New quizzes and my 1D Part 3 will be on this account. Great job raeface!! I really enjoyed your story MAKE PART 2! And add some Louis ;) Oh and hello graceface ;)

  • So thats what you dream about was awesome. WHY DID I LEAVE THE STAGE??? I wanted more Graci Liam time! Hopefully in part two :).

  • In the results u said it was suckish I don't think so for some reason I was laughing half the time while I was reading Y don't know I do that when I read certain stories I'm just wierd like that well it was FANTASTIC AND I LOVED IT CAN'T WAIT TILL U MAKE THE NEXT CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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