One Direction love story (part 1)

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I'm making this fan fiction because I want to write out my dream! I really hope you like it and I hope i get good feed back so I can make more of these. :)


Created by: raeface

  1. I'm sitting in my room listening to "Tell me a lie" by One Direction when I get a text from my best friend Graci. "Hey 1D is coming to Seattle for the 2013 tour! Get us some tix!" As much as I would love to go, my mom wouldn't pay for my ticket, let alone my friend. "I wish...i want, i want, i want, but that's crazy. :P lol." I text her back. As I plop my laptop on my lap and start looking at pictures of Zayn Malik (my future husband) I start to grow more and more sad, knowing that I can't go and see them. I decide that I'm going to go beg my mom for this one chance to see my favorite band in the entire world and hope for the best.
  2. I go out to my backyard where my mom is doing yard work. I approach her quietly, trying to make my foot steps light as possible, because on the inside, I just want to run out like some crazy person and scream at her my question. "Hey mom." I say to my mother quietly. "Hey. What's up?" My mom replies back. "Oh nothing...I just have a really serious thing to ask from you." "Rae, what did you do? What's wrong?" "Nothings wrong, I just, well...Can we go see One Direction? They are coming to Seattle and you know how much I love them and-" "Maybe. Let me look at tickets." My mom cuts me off. I'm in complete and utter shock. I thought that she would tell me no right away and know I have a chance!
  3. I go back to my room and text Graci. "My mom said maybe! We might go c 1D!" I pull out a notebook and start writing ideas of what to put on a poster to bring to the concert. On the inside, I'm screaming like the 13-year-old fan girl, even though I'm 17 almost 18. I start listening to "Up all night" And start singing. "I wanna stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun. I wanna stay up all night and find a girl and tell her she's the one! Hold on to the feeling and don't let it go cuz we got the floor now go outta control!" I feel like this is what my future will be with Zayn. Staying up all night having fun. It will be dreams sound very corny.
  4. (flash forward) Key Arena in Seattle...One Direction's name in lights on the front on a huge lit up sign. I start to slightly cry a little because I just can't believe I'm here. Graci is right next to me looking around at all the lights from the city. We love Seattle. We wait in line for what seems like forever and finally give the dude our tickets and go to our seats. We look at the stage and start to go crazy. The lights start up on the stage and the boys walk out. I start screaming at the top of my lungs and hold up my poster that says "MARRY ME ZAYN" while Graci holds up a sign that says "MARRY ME LIAM!" We're just stupid fan girls excited to see our celeb crushes. They start performing their first song "What Makes You Beautiful" and I sing along like a crazy chick.
  5. As they start performing "Save you tonight", a lady with a black V-neck shirt with a lanyard that has the "1D" logo on it with the name "Melissa" walks up to me and Graci. "Would you girls like to be on stage for a song?" I freeze and all that's running through my head is "ZAAAYYYNNN!!!" Justin Bieber does this at his concerts for "One Less Lonely Girl" I didn't know One Direction did it though. "YEAH!" Graci and I scream. Melissa leads us out around this long hallway with workers with the "1D" lanyards going all over the place. Melissa leads us to a spot behind the stage with chairs and tells us to sit and wait there until they play "Gotta be you". Then she said that she would tell us what to do.
  6. "Gotta be you" starts and these guys lead us to the stage. They say, "Which boy do you want to meet?" I say Zayn and Graci says Liam. "Ok, we will lead you them and they are simply going to serenade you and you might have to dance with them a little. You okay with that?" We nod ours heads yes and I think "Just like Justin Bieber." The guys lead us up on stage and right as the boys look our direction (lol. pun) I start to cry. One of the guys points to me and Zayn walks over to me singing "Here I am asking you for one more chance."
  7. Liam walks over the Graci and she starts to freak out. Zayn takes my hand and leads me to the center of the stage with him. I start to hyperventilate and he just pulls me closer to him and starts to touch my face.
  8. I feel like I'm about to die of happiness. I'm sobbing at this point and I'm trying to hide my face by just putting my head down. Zayn keeps tilting my chin up and right when Harry hits the chorus and the high note, Zayn gives me an intense,but caring look and kisses me. Kisses me up until the chorus is over and then he just keeps me close to him. He's singing as I'm pressed up against with our arms around each other. Every few seconds or so he would look down at me and say "Are you ok?" Every time he would ask me I would just start crying more and nod my head yes.
  9. I feel like Zayn and I have some connection, as stupid as that sounds. Because Graci got to leave and so did the other girls that chose the other boys. Zayn just kept me with him. I of course don't want to leave, but then "Gotta be you" ends. As I look up at Zayn I say "Don't I have to leave now?" Zayn just asks me, "Do you want to?" I shake my head no and start crying more because this is just like my dream come true. Zayn just says, "OK, good. Because I WANT you to stay." He smiled at me and said to the crowd "We've got one brave girl joining us for the rest of the show!" All the girls in the audience "boo" at me because they are jealous. But then the boys were saying to be nice, and of course any girl who gets counseled by One Direction, is going to listen. They start cheering and the boys start singing "Stole my heart"
  10. Then as I walk over to the back of the stage Zayn grabs my hand and leads me to him. As they start singing the chorus, Zayn points to me singing, "Turned around and you stole my heart, just one look." I start smiling and Zayn leads me to him trying to get me to sorta dance with him. Too bad for him, I don't dance. I just started laughing as he did a funny dance and then he put his hand around my waist and pulled me toward his chest. I just looked up and as they ended the song he kissed me and said with all the other boys, "That's the end! Thanks for coming and good night!" I thought that they would have a longer conclusion, but no. As Harry, Niall and Liam started walking off the stage, Zayn picked me up and started carrying me off the stage bridal style. I just started laughing as he carried me.

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