One Direction love story part : 1

This is a One Direction love story sceries. Full of love, drama, romance and a bunch of other feelings and other emotions. I find it quite interesting. No right or wrong answers.

This is a One Direction love story sceries. Full of love, drama, romance and a bunch of other feelings and other emotions. I find it quite interesting. No right or wrong answers. Very fun right?

Created by: Princess Giggles
  1. Ok so your 17 years old, your name is Alexandra but you prefer Alex and you live with your dad with an older brother named Isaiah. Your bff is this one girl named Siena.
  2. "Alex! Get up! Star packing! Remember that im leaving off to collage while you guys move to London? " Isaiah said verry happy yet sad. " Okay I'll get up in an hour!!!" You tell him a bit upset. " Alex! Can you get some groceries. Please?" " Okay dad. "
  3. * time fast forward to the plane to London* " Dad im really gonna miss Isaiah. " its bad enough leaving the states. " Well honey, its gonna be okay. I promise you that you are going to love living in London. "Alright dad." You end up sitting by some tall sweaty guy ' EWW' you think. You get up to use the bathroom and you need to pee really bad. Good thing its not occupied! You do your business and lleave. "Yes its time to get off!!" You say to yourself. Youget your luggage and leave the plane. You catch a taxi and you approach a HUGE mansion. On the out side, the paint is a nice Royal Purple. "Go on into your room and change.We're having guests." You run intoyour room andyou see the walls are neon pink and neon green " MY FAVORITE COLORS!' You yell as you run to your bed! You unpack all your stuff and put it where it belongs for the past 10 minutes or so. You walk into the bathroom in your room and you see that on the knobs of the shower twisting thingy are really valuable jewels such as: Ruby, Sapphires, Topazes, Emeralds, Diamonds, and bits of gold. "Ohh this water feels good! " you say as you step into the shower. 30 minutes later you get out. You get dressed in your 1D shirt with red suspenders and nice skinny jeans with all black vans
  4. *Ding-Dong* " I'll get it" you open up the door " I'm looking for Mr. Cardenas"you meet up with amazing green eyes. You know thats Harry Styles! OMG OMG! One Direction is at my house " Come right on in!" " Hello boys! This is my daughter, Alex. Alex this is Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. " Hi" Louis said " Hey Alex, why don't you make someof your SUPER delicious cupcakes. " you leave the room and into the kitchen but suddenly you feel someone's watching you. You turn around and its Niall. " I'm just going to the loo. " he tells you. As he comes out, he askes you if he can try the batter because you were caught red handed licking the spoon. You nod yes. He comes up and hugs you and slips a.piece of paper into your pocket then leaves.
  5. As Niall leaves he blowes you a kiss. Omg he likes you possibly love you. You take out the cupcakes out into the living room but you hear Harry whisper to Louis " Damn. She's Hot" as you walk out, " Hey Alex, why dont ya stay for a while so we can get to know you better?" Liam asked. "Dad? Privately?"Your dad nods yeah and leaves the room.
  6. "So what's your favorite movie?" Harry askes " Well my favorite movie is The Hunger Games. " " Whats your favorite song?" Liam asked. " My favorite song is Gotta be you by DUH you guys?!" " Whats your favorite color?" Louis asked. " My ffavorite color is neon pink." " Whats your favorite food? " asked Niall " My favorite food is pprobably chicken Alfredo " " Do you have any older siblings? " "Yeah, my big brother, Isaiah"
  7. " Hey guys! We gotta go! " Harry says very sad. " Alex, lemme see your phone" Zayn asked. So you pull out your phone and hand it to Zayn. He gives it back to you and the first thing that you check is your contacts and you zoom to the Z section and see Zayn's number THERE! Harry does the same thing but passes it around. Now you have ONE DIRECTION'S number
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