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  • our Result: 3 - Pretty 74%

    Boy or girl, it doesn't matter, but you're a pretty one. You are nowhere near being the most beautiful, but you are prettier than the majority of the population. Being pretty means a lot of things and a lot of pros as well - #1: Your prettiness is your ticket to success. With good looks, you are not self-conscious; thus allowing you to be more sociable and allowing you to network with people. #2: Hard to accept but people prioritize the first impression based on looks. And YOU are smooth at making decent, impressive first impressions. #3: People actually enjoy spending time with you since you aren't ugly - which would've made them uncomfortable depending upon their age - and you aren't super beautiful either - which would've overwhelmed them depending upon their minds.

    70%4 - Beautiful
    61%2 - Average
    43%5 - Gorgeous
    4%1 - Ugly

  • On The Scale of 1 to 5, How Beautiful Are You?

    Your Result: 2 - Average 76%

    You're obviously not ugly, but you're no Brad Pitt or Selena Gomez either. You're, well, so-so. You're just average; like the majority of the 7 billion people in the world. BUT being average has its own pros - #1: You would find joy in creative works since you won't be focusing on your looks. #2: You won't be the center of attention, thus you will have a relaxed temperament; which will give you more chances of being productive, thus achieving success. #3: It'll be harder for you to find a girl/guy for yourself than a good-looking counterpart, but the one that you will find will be your true love. He/she will be loyal, faithful and, above all, your source of joy.

    63%4 - Beautiful
    55%3 - Pretty
    43%5 - Gorgeous
    30%1 - Ugly

  • Thanks for calling me not ugly at least you called me pretty which I am not!!!!

  • I am not pretty

  • Average hmm....sounds like some bull

  • XD thanks for taking this stupid qui

    • i think im ugly but it said i was gorgeous

    • in that case I'm right ;)

  • Awwwnnn...Thanks I'm pretty!!
    I don't hear that much so I'm happy