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Four Strifes
Joined on Feb 22, 2021
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  • Crappy Inaccurate Quiz
    [published: Feb 23, 2021, 2 comments]

    Ok so this is a really bad inaccurate quiz and I will be talking to you in these questions which makes no……

  • Levelup Quiz :D
    [published: Feb 23, 2021, 4 comments]

    I don’t know why I’m not trying to be a gray gray brown hair gray ooelwoee djkeoeodmsm 2idjwmd dbd……

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  • Among Us code
    "❀ Omg, so sorry ❀ I can’t play right now. Give me an hour and a half?"
  • Blooket!
    ">:/ When can I do le blooket then :( Am excited We need CATS"
  • Where the Worlds Collide
    "❀ not talking to myself ❀ ❀ talking to everything i’ve done ❀"
  • Blooket!
    "Reee- Is anyone on le computer, and can they start le Blooket by chance PERFECT impression of Eclips"
  • "If she’s a troll, she would probably do anything to get attention because that’s what she wants which fits with her cyberbullying Lia, so th"
  • "^Tbh, me neither"
  • Blooket!
    "Can someone start a Blooket? Ohh, my class used to do tons of Kahoot!"
  • "(We don’t hate you, it’s just that you cyberbullied LiaTheBear, someone you don’t even know and you never said sorry)"
  • Blooket!
    "What's Blooket…? I'll try to join"
  • Where the Worlds Collide
    "❀ pathetic ❀"
  • Where the Worlds Collide
    "❀ i want to die ❀"
  • Spent Faith
    "I don’t want to suffer like this anymore, but if I stopped… Everyone on here would be sad. I can’t leave you all like that, but "
  • Solar Eclipse
    "JuSt PoPpInG iN— Espie, you forgot to give me my daily allowance of hugs. >:("
  • Spent Faith
    "They told me nothing, even though if I knew the truth I would’ve left way earlier. You left me… Alone. A dam"
  • Rp OwO
    ""I can help," Willow offered. "If I command you to find a cure to take away that binding curse, will it…" She trailed off. "But if there is "

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