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Hiii! This is the first Love Story quiz I've ever made and I hope you like it. It is for girls, not for guys. Even if the guy is gay, bi, etc. Why? It's not because I'm prejudiced (please don't think I am, I'm anything but that) but it's because some of the things like you being a part of the Hunters Of Artemis and whatnot means that in this story, you are a girl. Guys can take this if they want to though, I'm not stopping them :)

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Created by: Cinnamon_Roll

  1. Hi! Now I've read a lot of these quizzes(but for Harry Potter) and I loved them. So I decided to make a series of my own :) please note that even though I am an amateur writer, this will probably be sort of crappy because I'm not used to writing in 2nd person POV and whatnot. Anyway, I'm starting with a mere 4 boys and I'll add one or two in every once in a while. Right now, you can either get Percy, Leo, Frank, or Nico(let's all pretend that he's bi for this ok? XD) Here we go!
  2. You open your eyes. You're surrounded by girls, all from ages 13 to 20, by the looks of it. But no. Some of them are in that age group, but others aren't. They may look a certain age but they could be thousands, maybe millions of years old. You are part of the Hunters Of Artemis. The group of girls and women that have sworn to forever me maidens and hunt with the goddess Artemis for the rest of their lives. Scratch that, all the hunters are immortal. So let's say, for eternity. Anyways, you open your eyes and you are in a large tent with the flap open letting you see the rest of the camp, lying next to two girls about your age. You knew them as your best friends, Shantelle Rudd and Daphne Green. All three of you are demigods. Shantelle is a daughter of Ares, Daphne is a daughter of Demeter, and you are a daughter of Hecate. A minor goddess but an amazing one nonetheless. Children of Hecate can summon items to their hands and shadow travel.
  3. Just now you realize how cold you are. Just now you realize that you're shivering from the dry, frigid air. You taste your mouth. It's dry and cottony, making you cringe as your tongue runs along your mouth's roof. You decided that you didn't want to welcome the cold air and crawled gracefully and silently out of your tent, careful not to wake either Shantelle or Daphne. When you exit your tent, the air seems fresher. There were about ten girls huddled around a bonfire, warming their hands and chatting with each other. You stared longingly at the fire. You surveyed the glowing flames that danced with grace and poise. You glanced towards the barely noticeable rays of heat that emitted from it. Just thinking about it made you feel warm. You walk quietly up to the fire and crouch down beside it, getting as close to it as you can without touching it. Bliss enveloped you and you almost felt like sleeping again when a strong female voice sounded from nearby. "I have an announcement to make." When you look up, you see none other than Artemis standing by a fifty-foot pine tree. "We have had a long and difficult year, and now I think that it's time we take a well-deserved break. We're…
  4. Quiet murmurs spread through the camp. Mixed emotions could be found in them. Nervousness. Excitement. Anxiety. Disgust. But for you, you felt a mix of excitement and disgust. Camp Half-Blood was full of boys. You knew that you would hate it even though you've never been there. You were done with boys and men. Never again will you place your trust in one.
  5. It took a while, but you and the rest of the Hunters Of Artemis made it to the camp. Your coconut brown eyes widened when you saw it. Pegasi flying around gracefully with chariots behind them, campers whooping and laughing while playing truth-or-dare by a small campfire, a group of about thirty campers sword fighting for practice. You smiled. Besides the boys, this camp seemed quite enjoyable.
  6. The rest of the hunters go to settle down the Artemis cabin but you decide to stay outside and explore a little bit. You smile lightly as you stroll through the camp, passing by the cabins, the rock climbing wall, the big house, and much more. For a while, you joined a friendly game of volleyball with some Apollo, Hermes, and Ares kids. Well, to the Ares kids, it didn't seem as much of a friendly game as a win-or-die competition. You got spiked in the face a couple of times but you were fine. After a fun day, you began to walk back to your cabin at around sundown. Your eyes were half-closed from fatigue so you didn't notice someone walking your way while not looking where he was going either. You both walk closer and closer to each other without realizing it and collided, both of you falling to the ground.
  7. "Oh, sorry about that." You mumbled while pushing yourself off of the ground. "No, it was my fault. I was too busy tinkering and I wasn't looking ahead of me." The person said. It was a male voice. You mentally froze at the thought that you made direct contact with a boy but you shook it off and looked forward to see who you were talking to. It was a Latino boy about sixteen years old, with a tanned skin tone and curly black hair. He had dirt, oil and ash smeared all over him. You guessed that he was a child of Hephaestus despite the fact that he was undoubtedly skinny. The boy glanced up and when he saw you, his brown eyes widened for just less than a second before returning to normal. "I'm Leo." He said, brushing some of the grime off of his shirt subconsciously. "Who are you?" "I'm Chloe Foster." You said, pursing your lips. "Well, nice to meet you, Chloe. Are you one of those hunter chicks I heard were visiting?" Leo asked. "Yeah."
  8. Well, you both walk away after the miniature conversation you had and you head back to your cabin. *Time Skip* It's now morning the next day. You wake up late and when you get to the dining pavilion there is only one seat left since the Hades table was empty besides one person, the rest of the hunters sat there. Everywhere else was full beside one seat. You sat down there and saw a boy to your left who looked as if he didn't want to talk. He was wearing all black, his t-shirt having a white skull printed on the front. His skin was pale, he was very skinny, and his messy black hair needed a trim. How long has it been since he truly took care of himself?
  9. "Are you gonna eat that?" The pale boy asked, gesturing toward the McDonald's Happy Meal sitting on your plate. You glanced down at it and felt your stomach rumble as you inhaled the mouth-watering aroma, but when you looked toward the boy and how skinny he was you decided that he needed the food more than you. Reluctantly, you haded him the happy meal. "Do you have any coke?" He asked you. You sighed but glanced at your golden cup and pictured it full of carbonated Coke. Once that appeared, you handed him your drink as well and he silently nodded his head in thanks. He got up from his seat and walked down the hill immediately. Confused, you followed him and saw him leave camp and stop at a large field. It looked like a... graveyard? Why would he want to eat here? The boy stood still for a minute before holding the goblet of coke up high and pouring the entire thing onto the ground. "Hey! Why did you do that?" You asked him, confused and slightly enraged that he poured out the drink you gave him like it was dirt. The boy then opened your happy meal and dumped out the contents of that and sat down on the ground. Silence followed. What was happening? Then, suddenly, the ground began…
  10. Ok, this is part 1! Sorry that it's short, I'm a bit busy with school and whatnot so I don't have a lot of time on my hands. I'll try to make them longer in the future. Well, I hoped you liked this! Bye!

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