Percy Jackson Love Story part 11

Kay, so I'm gonna try not to say too much right now, cause I want you to read the actual quiz and find out for yourself. But I will say this; if you're not crying the end of this, start over and read it again.

Will you get the guy of your dreams? Or will you remain just friends? Well, take the Percy Jackson Love Story quiz and find out for yourself! Good luck!

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. ~o0o~Violet's POV~o0o~ I walked slowly back to my cabin, as the events of the night tried to sink in to my fried brain. I looked up at the stars, looking for comfort, looking for a sign. The first constellation I found....was Princess Andromeda. I close my eyes......."'You'll always be my Princess'"......Luke's voice rings in my ears. I want to drown in that voice...that sweet, smooth, comforting voice...Suddenly, my eyes snap open; it's all sunk in. I sink to the ground, my eyes staring blankly ahead. I feel so empty. Like a wooden imitation of a person...not actually real...not actually capable of feeling any emotion....I lay down on the grass, and within minutes, I am asleep. The last thing I see is my fellow princess, up in the looks like she's smiling down at me...
  2. I fall into a dreamless sleep; Ahprodite must be watching over me tonight. It's so peaceful, but I am being shaken awake in what feels like minutes later. Someone is calling my name. Violet. Violet. Violet. "Violet! If you an hear me, move!" in response, I open my eyes and try my beast for an exasperated look. "Oh thank the gods!" sighs a different voice. I realize then, that my eyes are blurred from sleep. I reach up to rub my eyes. They're wet. I panic and rub my eye vigorously so Grover and Percy don't see that I've been crying in my sleep. "Hello, Beautiful!" says Grover cheerfully. I nearly have a heart attack upon hearing that sentence again, but I fobrbid myself to think of Luke. I say, as cheerfully as I can muster, "Hi guys! Whats up?" as I stretch with all my might. "Oh, nothing. No, we're completely used to finding people asleep on the ground. Especially when they look dead" says Percy, whose tone is a mix of relieved, sarcastic, and scolding. I force a smile, and stand up. "So Violet would you mind telling-" "Sorry, guys," I interrupt, "but I reall gotta go! I'll talk to you later though! Bye!" I walk away from the boys, both of whom look dissapointed. But I can't bother myself with that right now. I reach up to rub my eyes again. They're wet again. I can't believe it. I had cried in my sleep over Luke Castellan.
  3. I break into a jog once Cabin 10 comes into closer view. I run up the steps, and hurts through the door. It hits the wall with a loud slam, and some of my siblings jump awake. "Good Aphrodite, Violet," one of them says, shaking her head. I disregard her, and head to my closet. I change into shorts and the teeshirt I would've worn on the da- nevermind. I take my hair out of the braids and brush it out. I turn to leave again- I need to talk to Camellia or Selena or SOMEONE, but have a minor heart attack when I turn to see Rose standing behind me, smirking, with her arms crossed, her foot tapping the floor. When I recover, my hand still on my heart, I say, "Hi."
  4. She raises an eyebrow so high it disappears within her curly, pale brown hair. "Hi, Mrs. Castellan," she says with a smirk. The smile that had been beginning to form on my face immediately disappears. "Yeah....I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon...or ever," I say grimly, as I turn around so she doesn't see the tears starting to drip down my face again. "Aw, hunny, did it go that bad?!" she asks, as she grips my shoulders and turns me around to face her. Her eyes widen in shock at my tears. She looks into my eyes with complete sincerity and says, "Spill." I laugh. "Not a chance." And I sweep out of the bathroom, and walk over to the door. But before I even touch it, it bangs open again. A panting Selena appears. She stares at me wide eyed. "What.....happened......why didn' come back? They've been.....freaking out....looking everywhere.....Luke...poor Luke...." she huffs. I sit her down on her bed and say, "I-Wait, what?! What about Luke?!" My voice breaks on Luke's name, and she gives me a sympathetic look. She holds up her finger, and I wait for a moment, dying where I sit, wanting information so badly, as Rose sits down on Sel's other side. "Them. Percy Jackson, Grover Underwood, and Luke. I saw them talking this morning when I was out looking for you. I asked Luke where you were. He looked confused for a minute before he started freaking out. He said something about looking at the beach. But I ran into Percy on the way back here. He said you went back to the cabin a few minutes ago. So I came as fast as I could," she said, looking tired and fragile.
  5. "Well, I'm fine," I say softly, "Listen, I'm going to go to the mess hall. Try to find something to eat." With that, I march my butt out of the cabin, not bothering to listen to Rose's cries of "Stop!" and "Wait!" I walk with my head down, knowing full well my eyes might be bloodshot. I'm not taking any chances, and I don't want to answer questions. And most of all, I don't want people to feel sorry for me. I reach the hall, and in yet ANOTHER moment of clumsiness, I bump into someone. "Sorry," I mumble hastily, and try to move around the person. They short their arm out. I look up at them in shock. And I suck in a breath, as if someone had stepped on my toe, as I look into their eyes, and see who it is. Luke.
  6. It was Luke. But he didn't look like Luke. His hair was messy and tangled, his eyes so bloodshot, his pupils looked dilated. His usually tan skin was tinged gray, like he hadn't seen the sun in days, and blotchy. And worst of all, his smile- the one I lived for- was gone. And it was all my fault. It was all my fault this bright, shining person had lost his sparkle. It was my fault the rod, was dimmer now that Luke wasn't smiling. It was my fault, not Annabeth's- mine. And I hated myself for it. "Vi.....Where did you go?" he asks me in a hoarse voice.I close my eyes, feeling a pained expression appear on my face. "Where did I go? Hades, Luke. Hades." I gently push past him, head to my table, bury my face in my arms, and sob.
  7. ~o0o~Luke's POV~o0o~ Last night, when I walking back from the beach, I felt like just curling up in a corner somewhere, where no one can find me, and just live out the remainder of my life there. Away from pain, away from love....Away from Violet. My Princess. I knew, deep down in my soul, that she wasn't using me. It just didn't make sense. She wouldn't do that....that sweet, nice, funny girl....wouldn't she? I literally kicked myself for even thinking she would. I don't know why I walked off....I guess I just can't bear to face the facts. Violet doesn't love me. Maybe she wasn't using me, but she doesn't love me. I know that. It feels true, when I think it. Maybe, all she can ever think of me, is as a friend. So I need to get over her. But I can't. It's impossible..
  8. I spent the entire night just thinking about her. Okay. I cried a bit too. Okay, I cried a lot. I felt like a wimp, like a total wuss. I kept telling myself "Man up!" and "Get a grip. She's just some girl..." But that's just it. She's not just some girl. She's my girl, the only one I love, and no matter how hard I try to push her out of my head, to let her live her own life, to be happy, I just cant seem to let go of her. I cant live without her. I love her, and that's the end of it. I really don't know how much plainer I can say it. I love Violet Wilde. But the only problem is that.....she doesn't love me back. And I guess that's okay....its her life....she can decide. But I just...need to put that out there. I need her to know. But it's a bit late now....
  9. This morning, I was talking with Grover and Percy. I was pretending to be fine, like last night had never happened. I was trying my best not to start cryin again. But all I could think about was her. How I showed her the I kissed her on the beach....(There is a reason the name of the beach is Fireworks Beach.) I was just trying my best to be myself and not the wuss I was at like, one o'clock in the morning when I was crying my eyes out thinking of her, when suddenly, Silena Beauregard runs up to us. "Luke! Have you seen Violet?" My skin tingles when she says her name. I glare at her, thinking she's taunting me. "No. I haven't seen her. Isn't she in your cabin? Why don't you try there," I say back acidly, and she gives me a look. I notice she's serious. She doesn't know where my Princess is. My heart begin to thump loudly, I wonder if Vi can hear it....wherever she is. "You're serious?" I ask. She raises her eyebrow and nods. I slide down the side of the wall where I'm standing. "Oh my Hermes...oh, gods..." I say, standing quickly, running a hand through my hair. Then I think. What if she never left the beach. "I'm gonna check the beach. Percy, Grover," I say hurriedly, turning to them, both of whom look alert and determined, "You look around camp. Split up if you have to, just look for her. Find her. Please." With that, I break into a sprint, looking for my Princess.
  10. I ran down to the beach, looking everywhere. In the water, under the bushes, everywhere. but I can't seem to find my lost Princess. I rake my hands through my hair again, and scream. "HERMES, NO!!!! I NEED TO FIND HER!!! WHERE IS SHE?!?! WHERE IS SHE!?!?" I crumple to the ground, my hands still gripping my hair, as if it's my lifeline to this Violet-less world. I'm dying without her, I can't find her...I need to be with her...I need to be....I can't go in like this...I just can't...I NEED her....I'm a mess without her....I need my Princess....I need Violet. 'Luke,' says a voice in my head. Hermes. He talks to me like this sometimes. 'If you would kindly get off the ground, straighten yourself up,' he says, and I do so with a grumble. 'Now, I know I'm really not supposed to interfere, but if you go to the mess hall, and just wait for a few'll get a....little suprise.' "But I need to find Violet, Daughter of Aphrodite," I say out loud. Hermes laughs menacingly in my head. 'Oh, Zues, I am going to have t have a little chat with dear sweet Aphrodite....Just go, boy!' he chides, and I, though reluctantly, go to the mess hall.
  11. I sit at Hermes table for what feels like hours. Finally, I can't stand I any longer. I get up, and walk towards the exit. But I bump into someone. I look at them, but then do a double take. It's my Princess. She doesn't look at me, she doesn't know its me. She mumbles how shes sorry for bumping into me. I don't say anything. I don't trust myself. It's all I can do not to kiss here right there. As she begins to move away, I shoot out my arm. She looks up, bullet fast, and a look of shock appears in her immaculate face as she notices who it is. Her eyes seem to melt as she looks at me. Her eyes are bloodshot too, I notice. But that doesn't help how I'm feeling.
  12. My voice, still hoarse from screaming, sounds half strangled when I ask, "Vi....where did you go?" She looks at me, with these big, sad _____ eyes, and says, with complete sincerity, "Hades, Luke. Hades," and pushes past me. I stand there in shock for a moment. She looked so sad....not smiling...not laughing...sadness is the only thing that doesn't look good in her. And it's my fault. All my fault. I don't deserve to live, to breath the same air she does, non of it. I deserve to die.
  13. Okay. I would just like to say that my heart is still heavy om hearing the tragic news that Aria is in the hospital. Let's let all our prayers be for her and her family. Also, this edition of PJLS is dedicated to this sweet, loving girl. I hope she makes a wonderful, speedy recovery.
  14. And also, a sneak peak: Darren's POV I as sick and tired of Violet Wilde. True, I hadn't even met her, but Tristan was going on and on and on and on....And, at this point, I was just waiting for him to just pop the friggin question already. "Did you hear what I said, Ren?" he asks exasperatedly, during another one of his rants about her. I look up briefly from 'Chariot and Chairoteer'. "Hmf? Oh, yeah, Tris. Every word," I say, looking back down at the magazine. He sighs, grabs the magazine out of my hands, despite my cry of anger. He grabs me by the wrist , and drags me out of the cabin. "What the holy Hephaestus, Tristan!?" I say angrily. "Shut up," he scolds, "Look!" he points to a girl, walking towar the Demeter cabin right across from ours. And I immediately see that evereything Tris has said about her is true. Oh no....this can be good....Holy Hephaestus NO! Tristan's POV Darren looked constipated. It was all I could do not to burst out laughing. He was staring at Violet as if in a trance. I snapped in his face. He looked at me, alarmed. "Are you okay, bro?" I ask. "Huh? What? No! I mean...yes, I'm fine," he says, his eyes wild. "Okay....weirdo...." I say, und my bath so he can't hear. This can't possibly be good.
  15. And as always, feel free to comment, rate as you please, and send me an email at calypso1315@gmail(.)com (no brackets) with any questions, comments, or suggestions for the series! Thanks for reading!

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