hello. my name is Jacob. I kinda have been here for a most 1 year now sine I stared GTQ! I met new friends and more friends and my friends that know me like me a lot. im nice to people too.

but thats not why I am here today. This is my quiz. Below are the following questions you must answer all as in 100% HONEST answers. thx:)I rlly hope you enjoy.

Created by: cuteboy123

  1. ok first off hi!
  2. how ru?
  3. WHAT happens if you mix green and yellow?
  4. does blue and yellow make green?
  5. If your mother came down the hall and you heard her footsteps and your know your not supposed to be on your phone during homework time; what will you do?
  6. what is 45+13 WITHOUT A. CALCULATOR OR PAPER:)
  7. hello. are you having agood day?
  8. if your friend was about to find out your email address but doesn't want him/her to find out what it is; what do you do?
  9. WHAT DO YOU DO if your supposed to sleep?
  10. whats 1+1
  11. what are glasses for?
  12. this this look sad to you? : :(
  13. I need a. friend
  15. thx for taking it hehe
  16. byeeeeeeee

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