Not Any Mortal Boys! (Part 9)


Okay so in this part you encounter your next challenge which is really thrilling *me- I made it up while making this quiz* and dangerous, and you also feel very sad at the end. Why? Take part 9 and find out....

Created by: Mythologyfreak

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  1. You wake up slowly, plagued with what happened the day before. You chew gum again, take a dip in the freezing stream after cursing the Sun again, and start to explore the place. You wander around until finally, you reach this beautiful place in Axday. The Sun shone gloriously on the fresh, even, spring green grass. Tulips and Forget-Me-Nots and millions of other flowers swayed gently in the early morning breeze. Massive trees with round, forest green leaves and burly tree trunks and muscular branches jutting out from everywhere on the tree surrounded the meadow. But something that caught your eye was the lonely black rose right smack in the middle of the enormous place.
  2. You frown when suddenly, a figure swooped down in front of you, as graceful and as fast as a Pereguine Falcon. You gasp and stumble back. The figure chuckled. It was a woman's voice. "No need to be afraid, honey," she said. You could hear the smile in her voice. "W-Who are you?" you stammer. "I am..."
  3. "I am Serefina, from the realm of Witches and Warlocks. I have come to tell you that our realm is your challenge. Your tutors have already swept through this faster than the speed of light. They have sent me to bring you here." you groan. You figured it was only like eight in the morning and you had to complete a challenge. "All right. What is the challenge?" the witch giggled. "Let me start from the beginning," she replied. "The speed of light is one hundred eighty-six thousand miles per second. The speed of sound is five seconds slower than the speed of light- which is the speed of which your tutors traveled- without dying. You will be traveling at the speed of sound- on a broom. You must evade the dangerous obstacles on your path which are traveling at the speed of light before time runs out. If you fail, you start the challenges starting from Wunae all over again. Pass, and you advance."
  4. You gulp. Serefina smiled wider. "I'll give you five minutes to stretch and plan." "But I don't even know how to ride a broom!" Serefina chuckled. "All the more better to make a challenge!" she exclaimed. A broom just the right size for you appeared in her hand. "Oh, and one more thing," she remembered. "You have ten minutes to complete your challenge. Set the time on your watch," she said. You obediently did so. It was hard to stretch and take deep breaths to calm yourself down under Serefina's watchful but mocking, sharp stare. Just as you were bending to touch your toes, Serefina chirped, "Time's up! Here's your broom! Good luck and don't die!!!" You get on the broom. "READY..." you snuggle yourself comfortably onto the broom. "SET..." you stared, determined, into the vast space in front of you. "G-" "WAIT!!!!!" you scream at the top of your lungs. "WHAT?!" she yells. "HOW DO I KNOW WHERE TO GO?!" you scream. "FOLLOW THE ARROWS!!!! NOW GO! YOU JUST WASTED TEN PRECIOUS SECONDS!!!" 'Forward, forward, forward,' you think, beads of sweat dripping down your forehead. You gasp as you were hurled forward...
  5. ... At such a speed that you almost threw up. It was faster than the roller coasters at Six Flags! The ground grew farther and farther below you. Suddenly, the broom veered to the right, almost toppling you off balance. You scream as the broom tumbled and swirled, making you hang upside down from the broom when you were already five miles above the surface of the Earth, which is about the height of Mount Everest. 'Upright, upright!' you scream in your head and the broom whirled upright, yanking you up also. "I can control it with my mind!" you think aloud.
  6. 'Bank right!' you think, and the broom did as it was told. You cheer, when suddenly, this rock came speeding over to you at the speed of light! Your scream turned into a screech as you ducked, barely missing your death. Then more and more rocks started speeding in your direction- from front, back, up, left, right, down, EVERYWHERE. Panting and sweating and using your new skill of 'broom control,' you avoided the rocks like a master- swaying and ducking. Then, it started raining heavily- and lightning began crackling! It was pitch black, and the wind was howling around you like- you couldn't even describe it. Thunderclouds smothered your vision and breathing. The sound and sight of lightning burst your eardreams and blinded you. Worse, you couldn't see the arrows that guided you! Suddenly, lightning cracked right next to you, almost throwing you off. You quickly regained balance and kept watch of sparks that jumped from cloud to cloud. When they stopped sparking, you immediately steered clean away from the place, because in five seconds, a lightning bolt would strike.
  7. Finally, the clouds cleared. The lightning stopped. No more rain. The Sun shone brightly. You sigh as the warmth spread across your skin, diminishing the horrors of what happened a few minutes ago- but then suddenly, your happiness was also diminished. A monster tornado *me- the strongest tornadoes on Earth* came into view, and huge flames of HUMONGOUS fires surrounded you. You screamed and flew faster, but the flames only grew higher. You were about to die from the heat as you felt in Wunae, and you had no choice but to move closer to the tornado. You zoomed *me- lol zoom* toward the tornado and the force there was stronger than the whirlpools in Thodelim. Everything was getting sucked up. You quickly checked the time. ONLY ONE MINUTE LEFT!!!! Franticly, you tried pushing against the wind but it was like a magnetic field was stopping you. You had only one choice- up. You couldn't go left or right because you would die. You couldn't go down because the broom was programmed to stay high up. So you went higher and higher and higher until you were above the tornado and you couldn't breath. You flew over the tornado. On the ground, the finish line came inti view. ONLY TEN SECONDS!!! You hastily commanded the broom to go down and it did. "FASTER!!!!!" you scream. it started streaking down like a meteor. ONLY THREE SECONDS!!! "FAAAAASTERRRRR!!!!" you scream even louder. The broom shudder down at the speed of light and you made it through the finish line- with only a nanosecond left. You had made it.
  8. Panting, you get off. Your legs were wobbling like they were made out of Jell-O. Serefina was there, patting your back and congragulating you. Everybody in the Warlock and Witch realm were there. The little kids were laughing their heads off. Apparently, they did much better than you. The guys were there also. All of their faces were red from laughing at you. Although Granger's face didn't become red, he was laughing like a maniac. They were laughing at how frantic and scared you were up in the sky.
  9. You felt like you were about to cry. On your trip through Axday again, after hugging Serefina good-bye, the guys were explaining their opinions on how you looked like up there. You just listened silently, keeping your head down. None of them heard you crying. You set up your tents again. You were quiet. You hated yourself. You hated your quest. You hated fate for doing this to you.
  10. Instead of sleeping in your tent, you dragged your sleeping bag outside. You wanted to get away from the guys. You snuggled up in your sleeping bag, and fell asleep while counting the stars, exhausted from your challenge and happy that the guys weren't giving you good night hugs.

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