Not Any Mortal Boys! (Part 8)

Hey guys, here's part 8!!!! Hope you are happy! Oh something important- each quiz reveals your encounter in a different challenge, along with twists and betrayals. Okay read the summary in the next paragraph!!!

All right, in here, you go through the dangerous terrains of Thodelim, and you find out something about what someone feels about you and the others and causes them to do something- well, let's say, rash. READ ON TO FIND OUT!!! AND TELL ME YOUR RESULTS IN THE COMMENTS!!!!!

Created by: Mythologyfreak

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  1. You wake up and yawn loudly. Suddenly, a flashback of when Nyla threw water on you to wake you up sparked in your head and you jumped up, just in case she was there. 'Phew,' you gasp in relief. 'She's not there.' you crawl out of your sleeping bag and feel the itchy sensation of grass rubbing the soles of your feet. You're in a tent, if you don't remember. You quickly chew some gum since you couldn't brush, and got dressed. You would bathe once you find a small creek in the forest. You walked outside and groaned when the sunlight burned your eyes.
  2. The guys and Nyla were already there, practicing. The guys were doing contests with their weapons, like, who could throw the spear the farthest, who shot the most amount of arrows in one shot, who could run the fastest, and stuff like that. Only they kept getting ties every single time which made them annoyed. Nyla was sitting on a tree stump, looking bored. "Hey, Nyla, wassup?" you say, sliding on next to her. She shrugged. "Nothing. Just bored." at last, the guys noticed you. Damon, Viktor, and Granger gave you nods and smiles. Eulisses ran up and hugged you tightly. You almost throw up at the smell of his sweat. 'I guess that's why the others didn't give me any hugs,' you think, and let out a muffled giggle in Eulisses' arms.
  3. You guys pack up, make sure you all have everything you need, and set off through Axday to encounter your next challenge- Thodelim, the land of water and mist. While trudging quietly through the forest, you ask Nyla, "Hey, Nyla, sorry to bother you but can I ask you one more thing?" she shrugged and spat in a bush beside her. You wrinkle your nose in disgust. "Sorry," she apologized, wiping her mouth. "Fine. Just one more question. Then ask your other questions to my brothers." you nod. "What's your question?" "Am I going through this challenge by myself again?" "Nope. You and I are going together." "Why?" Nyla looked at you. "You asked another question," she retorted. "Please!" you whine. "Fine. Just this one and that's all. You remember when I told you my brothers and my father have passed their challenges long, long ago? I didn't have to go through Wunae because I'm used to fire. I'm coming with you for my training in my challenge. You're doing this because you are nothing compared to the spirit of Upiorzyca inside of you. You need to be flexible and strong to hold her spirit. Also, before you ask any other questions, I am coming with you but I'm not helping you. Okay? We're not helping each other."
  4. You reach the outskirts of Axday. You gasp at the sight in front of you. Huge, heavy clouds of mist as thick as a thundercloud floated over the black, churning water, hiding everything beyond it and inside of it from view. Giant whirlpools sucked up huge avalanches of rock that crumbled down from cliffs that's looked like they would fall on you any moment. Even worse, crocodiles had adapted to Thodelim's extremely harsh enviornnent and swam around the thick, syrupy water. You ask Damon, "I'm swimming in that $/!+?" you ask him. He sighed. "Upiorzyca, first, you must stop using that horrible language. I hate it so very much. To answer your question, though, yes, you are swimming in there." you stare at him, shocked. "Don't I get h-help?" you stammer. Viktor came up to both of you, smiling. "No," he said, answering your question. Granger came up to all three of you. "Upiorzyca, are you ready?" "I'm ready if Nyla's ready." "I'm ready Upiorzyca," Nyla yelled, preparing to dive into the water. Eulisses shouted, "Ready... Set... GOOOO!!!!" you gulp and jump in.
  5. You are submerged into the black waters of Thodelim. The current is pulling you down; you couldn't breath. Frantic, you pressed your sweater to your chest as hard as possible and took a deep breath of air. You hold your breath and hide behind a rock as a huge crocodile slithers past you. Your ears are starting to burst from the pressure of the water. You quickly make sure there were no crocodiles around you, kicked yourself off the rock you were hiding behind, and swam with great difficulty up to the surface. You take in ten deep breaths, trying to stay afloat. The current keeps trying to drag you down until finally a big rock floats by. You hold onto it and kiss it, so happy for some help.
  6. You were about to scream at the sight all around you. Cliffs were tumbling into the water. Whirlpools surrounded you, sucking up everything in their path. Even worse, the thick, almost black mist blocked your view and rained on you heavily like a huge thunderstorm, only it was like two hundred times closer and harder. You held onto the rock for support, trying hard to take deep breaths. Slowly, you hold the rock and kick as if it were a kickboard in swimming. You weave through the whirlpools, almost getting sucked up into one but barely missed it, thanks to a huge wave which submerged you- again.
  7. You didn't get a chance to take a breath when the wave came. It was too fast. You try the holding your tee shirt to your mouth thing but it was already too sodden, and feel sodden yourself. It was pitch black all around you, just this oily, black water swallowing up your conciousness. But you decided to try one last time before dying. After all, it was only the second challenge, and you held Upiorzyca! Suddenly, you hear a voice in your head whisper, '______, kick upto the surface. I shall boost your strength.' at once, you knew it was the spirit of Upiorzyca talking to you, and she seemed mad of your weakness. You did as you were told and kicked. Abruptly, you felt a surge of water propel you through the black liquid. You breathed in the fresh air. Huge, deep breaths. You see that there was no more mist. No more whirlpools. No more crocs or oily water. Instead, you were being dragged onto the land by the guys. The last thing you heard before falling unconcious were the guys yelling at Nyla.
  8. You wake up in your sleeping bag. You rub your eyes, yawn, and walk outside. There, you stop, and your mouth hangs open. The guys are yelling at Nyla. "Could you not have helped her, Nyla?" Viktor sneered. "You do know that Upiorzyca does not know well, do you not?" Granger jeered. "Yes. She has not gained full experience yet," Damon half agreed half growled. "Yeah, you B***H!!!" Eulisses snarled. "You shoulda helped her." Nyla looked like she was about to cry. You feel sorry for her but the guys only keep yelling and yelling and yelling until finally, Nyla screamed, "YOU KNOW WHAT? I QUIT! I HATE ALL OF YOU! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! EVEN YOU, UPIORZYCA!!!! AND I HAVE, EVER SINCE YOU CAME!!!!!" she sniffled, slung her bag over her shoulder, and started storming away, crying. The guys realized what they've done and started calling her back, but she stopped them. "I was tossed and turned around in training. On my first day, I had to do fifty push-ups. Her? Only a few lame kicks and punches? Who do you care about more, guys? Upiorzyca, a girl you've only just met, or me, from your own family?"
  9. The guys looked at you. Then at Nyla. But Nyla noticed something. They stared at YOU the longest. Sniffling, she ran away, became her dragon form, and soon, she was nothing but a tiny black speck in the sky and was gone in a second. The guys stared at the disappearing figure, muttered to themselves, their hands balled into tight fists, and they left, leaving you alone.
  10. You sit on the ground, picking at the grass, trying to sort your head out. Upiorzyca's voice, the one that spoke in your head in the water, started talking to you. 'Would you like to play a game, ______?' 'Shut up, Upiorzyca. Lemme sort stuff out,' you say in your head back again. You sat there for a very long time, until finally, the guys said it was time to sleep. You get into your sleeping bag, knowing you forgot something, and you realize as you were falling asleep- your good night hugs.

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