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  • I train in Kyokushinkai Karate, under the affiliation of both the BKK and the IFK. I've been trying for at least 5 hours a week for the past two months and I haven't mastered a spinning kick yet, let alone jumping kicks! That's the sorta thing that'd take weeks if not months to master, not mere hours. (Sorry, that just bugs me) Apart from that, though, good story

  • Hey, I really am a blackbelt! I've been in MMA (Mixed martial arts) For 8 years this summer, I've gotten my first degree blackbelt, and I love doing the tornado kick, and I'm working on the 540, which is a tornado kick with a extra spin, It's sooooo hard!

  • Go Eragon and the pebble! (Okay, so maybe I'm obsessed but still! Do I get to heat it up until it's glowing red and then embed it in someone's flesh until it slowly burns its' way out again? *never mind) Awesome quiz! Love the series!

  • Duuuuuude I used to take taikwaando except I was kicked out for dancing while doing my kicks and except it was insanely easy I was able to kick through a board atleast 2 inches thick at age 8 sorry if I brag it a habit suuuuuppppeeeerrrr sssooooooooprrrrrrr rrryyyyyyyyyyyy

  • OMG! These stories are amazing, I have actually been writing a book that is somewhat similar. =)

  • i agree with @DragonKitty! Eragon is the best book series i have ever read! That's where i got the idea for my name. ERAGON 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    elf maiden
  • I love these quizzes! I always get Eulisses :)

  • Viktor!! I am in love with your quizes! They are awesome! :)

  • I'm in taekwon do too, I'm amazing at turning kicks =)


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