Not Any Mortal Boys! (Part 14)


So in this part, you get into your next challenge very angrily after doing something the guys didn't like. Then after it you get a very pleasant surprise from someone who was ready to die for you!

Created by: Mythologyfreak

  1. Silence enveloped you, pressing you from all sides. Your brain was whirling. "My brother," you started, "is actually your brother?" you turned your sharp glare to Felix. He just shrugged and said, "Would you believe me if I said that before you even met my bros?" you couldn't disagree with that. You sank to the ground and crossed your legs. The grass and dirt tickled your legs and the light breeze whipped through your hair. Then you looked up. Your eyes were watery. Felix muttered, "Great, we gotta deal with crying bozos now." "SHUT UP, YOU LITTLE B****!" you yelled at him. Felix jumped and his golden eyes were filled with obvious rage. "Felix," Granger called, beckoning him to come to his side. After seating him on his lap, Viktor asked, "What did she call you, Felix?" knowing that his older brothers hated curse words, Felix made sure to 'abbreviate' the word by saying, "She called me the 'b' word." The guys glared at you and said, "That was uncalled for." you didn't care. You stood up and exclaimed, "First of all, you guys embaress me in front of everybody." "What?" Felix asked. Damon whispered something into his ear and Felix snickered. Ignoring it, you continue, "Second, you cheat me into distracting this stupid army." "Which you did horrible on, by the way," Eulisses objected. They all laughed. You snarled, mad and angry and frustrated. You reached forward and snatched away the map Felix was holding. Then, before they could react, you ran back through Axday, unrolling the map along the way. 'Sure,' you thought, 'they could make another map with magic. But from now on, I'm on my own-' 'With the help of me of course,' Upiorzyca interrupted. You both couldn't help but laugh.
  2. Finally, when you were sure that the guys weren't following you, you quickly glanced at the map. Fairy dust-like sparkles glimmered over a montainous area, and it glowed with realistic color. It even moved like a real mountain. Huge, granite boulders tumbled down a sheer, steep cliff. It was really high; the map showed that there were wispy clouds circling around the peak. You let out your breath, realizing that you'd held it in for such a long time. 'This is the next challenge,' Upiorzyca whispered. 'You must climb the cliff up to the peak. There, you will probably see your next, and last challenge in this ring of realms.' 'I don't wanna meet up with the challenges of the last ring,' you thought back and shuddered. Upiorzyca chuckled and said, 'Never be afraid of your opponents, _____. Make them afraid of you, so scared that they won't even want to challenge you. Besides, I am here. I still have my strength, and when combined with yours, we will be unstoppable.' you smiled wryly. Upiorzyca always cheered you up when you felt downright glum. With that thought, you set off on the trail shown on the map. As you once again tromped through the bushes and brambles of the magical Axday, you soon could see the cliff, partially hidden by the clouds and thick fog. Though it was dangerous, you couldn't help thinking how beautiful and spectacular the sight was. 'Beautiful, isn't it?' Upiorzyca murmured. 'Yeah,' you answered. Finally, when you thought your legs were going to break off soon, you had arrived at the sheer rock face of the cliff. 'I had heard of this mountain,' Upiorzyca said. 'I believe it's called The Devil's Trident, because at the top, it's shaped like the Devil's weapon, and believe it or not, it glows red.' 'Why?' you asked. 'What, you haven't figured it out yet? This mountain is an active volcano!'
  3. "VOLCANO?!" you shrieked. Your voice echoed up the mountain, getting fainter and fainter until it was lost in the feathery, cirrus clouds way high up in the sky. You gulped, squeezed your eyes shut, and waited for your inevitable death, with the rocks hurtling down and crushing you flat. But nothing happened. You opened your eyes and sighed with relief. Then, you started to climb. You inserted your hands into small crevices and hauled yourself up, and put your feet into another two crevices. You were dying with fear- no ropes to catch you when you fall, and the granite, razor-sharp rocks were digging into your hands like knives. Swallowing, you hoisted yourself up again- and again- and again. You were getting pretty good at this! You warned yourself not to look down. Suddenly, you felt prescences all around you. You first looked to your right. After squinting hard for a minute, you saw that it was Granger! Checking his black nails, and fipping his green tinted, white hair with a toss of his head, and floating effortlessly, he said, "Never think that you can outrun us, Upiorzyca." "What?" you asked him. "Upiorzyca, me, and Viktor, were running ahead of you the entire time." You whirled to the left. It was Eulisses. He was resting with Viktor and Damon and a rock ledge. Smirking down at you, Damon said, "I was flying above you the whole time, in the form of a Pereguine Falcon, so you would not notice." You gawked at all of them. "A-And Granger?" you stuttered. Granger chuckled and said, "I had possesed you for the span of time on The Devil's Trident, aiding you as you climbed." 'But how could I not have noticed that?' Upiorzyca spluttered inside of you. "We have our ways," all the guys said. "Oh, and Felix down there," Euisses started. You gasped and looked down. There, grinning up at you, was Felix. Then, Eulisses continued, "Was supposed to support you just in case he slipped out if anyone of us was in danger."
  4. You sighed and said, "And all this time I was thinking that I was climbing on my own..." Felix snickered underneath you, and you fought the urge to call him the 'b' word again. "Can't I just go on my own?" you whined. "Of course..." you started grinning, and then they finished their sentence with one big 'not.' You sighed again. "Well, let us continue climbing, shall we?" Viktor offered and he and Eulisses leaped onto the mountain with no effort at all. Damon spread out his majestic black wings and soared into the air. You felt a peculiar burst of energy inside you. 'Hmmm, I had never known your body was this warm,' Granger said inside of you. 'Hey, move, gimme my goddamn space! Just 'cause YOU'RE the ruler's son doesn't mean you can take all my frickin space!' Upiorzyca yelled. 'Oh, and when was this law established?' Granger immediately answered. As you clambered up, trying to keep up with Damon, Eulisses, and Viktor, you tried not to vomit at the swirling strengths inside of you, caused by the intense amount of energy used by Granger's and Upiorzyca's arguements. "Hey, Viktor," Eulisses said. "Upiorzyca's face is sorta green." Viktor looked down, as well as Damon. Damon sighed and ssid, "Granger, save your extraordinary debating skills for a later time period, all right?" "I apologize," Granger said through your mouth. As you climbed up, you tried to sort out each of the guy's personalities- all of them were strong, powerful, and smart. But each of them were a little bit different- Damon was easy going and kind to his brothers. Granger was arguementative and didn't let things down quite so easily. Viktor was extremely shy and quiet, and Eulisses was boistress and friendly. All of them were very protective over the people they- "Loved," you whispered, completeing the thought.
  5. All at once, you heard a rumble- and then a crack. Then a loud 'boom,' the loudest you've ever heard, roared above you. You looked up, your eyes burning in the sunlight. The trident had blown right off, and the smell of fire and gas tickled your nose. You saw red lava oozing out of the top, fiery and merciless, sliding straight down at the speed cars drive on a highway back on Earth. You screamed loudly. You felt a burst of energy leave your body, making you a bit less stronger than before. Damon picked up Felix, and you saw Granger dissolve into Damon's body quickly, giving him a burst of energy, and making it easier for him to support Felix's weight. You looked up again. Clouds of ash and debris and rock smothered the light of the Sun, as black as a thunder cloud. Eulisses and Viktor quickly clambered down, put you on their backs so they could share your weight equally, and sped up the volcano at the same speed at which Damon and Granger were flying. They all dodged ash and lava like experts. You buried your head into Eulisses' and Viktor's shoulders, not wanting to see anything that was happening around you.
  6. Finally, it stopped. The rumbling and cracking and booming ceased entirely. The lava had hardened around the volcano, making it bigger than before. Because there was so much lava oozing out, it had blocked the entrance, making it less likely for another eruption to occur. You all had arrived at the very top of the cliff- or, more specifically, the volcano. You cautiously slid off the boys' backs and peered down. All you could see was a barren land, with stumps left of trees, and a few lizards and snakes skittering around, like your trip to the Sahara Desert. 'That was such a long time ago,' you thought. But then, suddenly, you whirled and asked the guys, "Where's Axday?" "Our world is constantly changing," they answered. "It wants to trick and confuse you in anyway it can. What you have seen is an illusion. Nothing but an illusion to scare you, to make you believe that you have gone the wrong way." "It's like Axday has it's own personality!" you exclaimed. 'That was exactly what I was thinking,' Upiorzyca said in your head. 'And please, do tell Granger that I will spiritually kick him between the legs if he takes up any more of my space in your body again.' you snickered and told Granger the exact words she said. Eulisses, Damon, and Viktor looked at Granger, their eyes sparkling with the same idea, and they passed it onto him with their minds. Then, Granger's eyes glittered as he said, "We are the next rulers of Hell, Upiorzyca," he said. "You are still one of our subjects, and we can treat you any way we want." 'Dammit,' Upiorzyca thought. "Owned, sis, owned," Felix said. You grumbled. "Now what do we do?" you asked. "Well," they said. "We wait patiently." you rolled your eyes.
  7. Since the top of the Devil's Trident was so big, you set up camp right there. You lit a lantern and paced around your tent. As you were thinking about your dangerous adventures so far, you heard the flap of your tent open. You whirled and saw that it was Eulisses.
  8. "Hey," he said. "Hi," you greeted back. You both sat down on your sheets, quietly for a few minutes. Then, Euly said, "'Zyca, you're okay, right? Nothing got you hurt, or did it?" "Oh, I'm not hurt at all. I should be asking you that," you said. Another few minutes of silence followed. Suddenly, you felt Eulisses' face coming close to you, and then your lips met.
  9. Then, as quickly as it came, he turned his head away, breaking from the kiss. "Sorry about that," he muttered. "I just had to. And now my brothers will probably murder me." "Well.." you said, startled from your first kiss, "Don't tell them." "'Zyca, it's like the book Eclispe in the Twilight series- I think. Jacob and his pack always share their thoughts. They always know each other's thoughts, even when they don't notice. It's like that for us. You see, they probably know what happened already, and they're gonna kill me if I go back." you sighed after you heard what he said. "Eulisses, just go back and apologize, okay? Remember when your brothers told you about what your father said to all of you?" you reminded. "Yeah, I guess that's true," he said. "Sorry, 'Zyca. I hope you didn't mind the kiss." *me-pick whatever you said or thought.*
  10. You heard him leave, and then, smiling, you fell into a dreamless sleep.

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