NOLA cemeteries

I recommend taking this quiz after visiting each cemetery page and reading the history about them. However, if you feel you are ready to take the quiz without doing so, then you are just as morbid as you should be. Good luck!

You will be quizzed on the different cemeteries as well as the types of tombs that are in them. There may be a few questions about the symbols that are often found in the cemeteries as well.

Created by: Monica

  1. Which cemetery was clearly divided into a "colored" section and a "white" section during segregation?
  2. Which cemetery was established by the Firemen's Charitable & Benevolent Association?
  3. Which is the oldest extant cemetery in New Orleans?
  4. Which cemetery contains a chapel full of prosthetic limbs and other body parts?
  5. Which cemetery was established just for enslaved Africans?
  6. Which cemetery was built by the Irish community of New Orleans?
  7. Which cemetery used to be a race track?
  8. Which types of tomb has a rounded roof?
  9. Which cemetery supposedly holds the remains of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau?
  10. Which type of tomb is a single or multiple vault tomb whose height is equal to or less than its width?
  11. What is a monumental, four-sided stone shaft, usually monolithic and tapering to a pyramidal tip?
  12. What cemetery was once known as the Cemetery of the City of Jefferson?
  13. Which cemetery has only one grave marker?
  14. Which cemetery was the first cemetery built to honor New Orleans volunteer firemen and their families
  15. These "messengers of god" are very popular funerary imagery, often depicted escorting the deceased to heaven or mourning untimely death.
  16. Which cemetery is circled by a mausoleum containing many elaborate stained glass windows depicting images of New Orleans?
  17. Which cemetery can also be considered a "potter's field" or cemetery for the indignent, and contains many hand written markers and personal items?
  18. Which cemetery will soon be the new home of the Hurricane Katrina memorial?
  19. Which holy figure is seen most in all the cemeteries in the form of statues, candles and engravings?
  20. Which cemetery was purchased by non-catholic African Americans to bury their dead?
  21. What is the address of the cemetery that shares land for the Gates Prayer, Beth Israel and Chevra Thilim congregations?
  22. Which cemetery was created from the land of a famous fencing master from the late 1800's?
  23. Which cemetery was created for the German immigrants who lived in the city of Lafayette and provide income for the sisters who took care of an orphanage?
  24. What is the significance of the rocks placed on top of Jewish headstones?
  25. Which cemeteries do not bury their dead in tombs? Only below ground.
  26. In which cemetery is the famous New Orleans musician Professor Longhair buried?

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