Masonic Knowledge

Master Masons from across the world become a Mason for many different reasons. Here is a quiz to test your Masonic knowledge for symbols used across the world.

Taking this quiz will let you know how well you understand the History of many of the symbols used in our craft. If you are unsure of the symbols in the quiz Get with your Masonic lodge Education Officer.

Created by: vikara of Fidelity 655
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  1. What does the "Pot of Incense" symbol represent?
  2. What does the "Beehive" symbolize?
  3. What does the "Sword to the Naked Heart" symbolize?
  4. What does the "Rough Ashlar" represent?
  5. What does the "Perfect Ashlar" represent?
  6. What does the "Anchor" symbolize?
  7. What does the "Compass" symbolize?
  8. What does the "Square" represent?
  9. What does the "Level" represent?
  10. What does the "Sheaf of Corn" represent?
  11. What does the "Lambskin Apron" represent?
  12. What does the "Mosaic Pavement" symbolize?
  13. What does the "Tessellated Edging" of the Mosaic Pavement represent?
  14. What does the "Blazing Star" symbolize?
  15. What does "The All Seeing Eye" represent?
  16. What is an "Eavesdropper"?
  17. What does the "Setting Maul" symbolize?
  18. What does the "Sprig of Acacia" represent?
  19. What does the "Father Time with a Scythe" symbol represent?
  20. What does the "24 Inch Gauge" symbol represent?

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