Noitect is Activated Part Seven {Aria's}

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Welcome to Part Seven of Noitect is Activated. If you haven't read the other parts, I suggest you do so because you will be completely loss. So last time we left off at...well just read on to see.

I hope your day was well. I think I did OKAY in my Geography exam. My teacher was only looking at me because I was just writing and writing. She looked impressed but IDK :(

Created by: Aria

  1. Recap: He shot me a dirty look and said, "You'll see your fate soon, Sparks." I just stood there in Marcus' arms while he left. Marcus asked, "Davina, what was that about?" Seeing as though Derek was right there, I didn't answer him. I simply said, "Just wait a while, I have to bathe." I led him inside the house. As I went into the shower, the warm water made me think, how did Rezagrats' brother find my house? When I was finished, I went downstairs and said, "Derek, can you get some ice-cream for me? I'm really feeling for it." He said, "Sure." When I heard his car pulled out of the garage, I said, "Call Stefan, Achilles and Cleona. I need to make sure they're safe. I have a lot of explaining to do and you're not going to believe it." As I said that, the doorbell rang. Tristen along with Stefan, Achilles, Cleona and Tony Starks were standing outside my house. Starks asked, "What the hell is going on? Noitect's safety button rang off."
  2. I guess my powers did work in times of need then. I explained, "Rezagrats' brother was here. I don't know how he found my house but that means, if he can find me, he can find the zandoid." Achilles and Tony exchanged looks. Cleona burst out, "WHAT'S GOING ON?" I said, "Well excuse me, PRINCESS for not telling you sooner but I'm a supernatural being that have supernatural powers. My friends and family are in danger because of protecting the world's zandoid." Stefan asked softly, "What's a zandoid?" I said, "It has the power to ruin the earth if shook twenty times, constantly. Our principal is keeping the zandoid but I don't know for how much longer." Suddenly, Draco came on his broomstick and asked, "Is everything OK?" Tony scoffed, "Sure, unless you think Davina and her boyfriend almost being kidnapped, then yeah, everything's OK." I quickly said, "Marcus isn't my boyfriend and everything IS OK. Why? Because I'm still here, aren't i?" They nodded and I said, "I think Cleona and Stefan possibly has powers because Rezagrats' brother wanted them as well." Cleona and Stefan both exclaimed, "WHAT?!" Tony rolled his eyes, "Cleona, you have powers. You do not know it but I sensed it. You have the power of fire and Stefan, you have the power of strength." They were both in awe. Cleona reasoned, "Oh, that's why I always felt furious." She laughed and then continued, "Get it? Furious...fury? No...okay." It was pretty awkward there. Stefan said, "Well, this is meant to be right? Why are we still standing here and not working on how to save the zandoid, if it's stolen and the rest of the world?"
  3. Good question Stefan. I looked around at the hopeless faces, heads turned to face the ground. I said, "Well....why don't we find out if the principal is okay?" Tony shook his head, "That can be a trap. We need to get to the headquarters. This is going to be war." I sighed. He said that the last time and looked what happened. We flew to the Headquarters, Stefan holding onto me and Cleona onto Achilles. The way Marcus looked at me was like, "˜What am I?' I was also thinking that. If everyone has powers, what was Marcus? It would be just awkward if he had nothing. I'm sure he'd be...erm...I don't know. As we arrived at the Headquarters, Tony called a meeting with the team. I said, "I'm not really feeling to listen to a bunch of people argue on how to save the world. Can Marcus and I go for a walk?" He chuckled, "Yeah but don't walk off the place, because it's in the sky." I faked a smile and took Marcus by the hand. As we closed the door when we left, he asked, "What's wrong?" I said, "Something, but I don't know. Marcus, everything feels fishy, but I'm guessing that's just me." He shook his head, "I'm getting bad vibes from Cleona. The reason I broke up with her was because I started to get bad vibes from her." "Marcus, I have no idea where this came from but I think that's your power," I said. He scoffed, "What? Sensing evil?" I said, "Answer me one question. Do you think Cleona is evil or do you just say that?"
  4. He said, "I think she's evil." I quickly rushed, "Well if she is, she shouldn't be here!" I ran to the meeting and said, "Hey guys, you started already?" They nodded. I said, "Well, can you guys give me a second?" They asked, "What's wrong Davina?" I shook my head, "Nothing but I need Tony, Draco and Captain America." Haha, I can never stop calling him that. They followed me out the door and I made Draco called the muffliato spell so the rest of them wouldn't hear us. Even when he did that, I still whispered, "Marcus told me he got bad vibes from Cleona. He's been getting them recently a lot and I think it has something to do with his powers." Tony asked, "What should we do then?" I said, "We can't send her back down because if she is evil, she'll go report to her Master and Noitect's Headquarters will be no more." Draco interrupted, "I think we should put her in one of those cellars. You know, the glass cellars like what the Avengers had where they held Loki?" I smiled, "That's a great idea! But do we have any of those?" Captain America said, "Yes, now how are we going to trick her into going there?" I snapped my fingers in delight, "I think I get it! Draco and I could say you guys are hungry and ask her come with us to get the food?" Draco said, "It's the best we've got so far, so we better so for it."
  5. When the conversation was over, Draco took off the spell and we went back into the room. I asked, "Who's hungry?" Nearly everyone starting murmuring and even Harry was saying he's hungry. I smiled, "Well that's a lot of food, and so can someone help me?" Harry said, "I'll come and erm..." I finished, "Cleona can come too." She looked rather embarrassed but she came. While Draco and Harry walked behind, I knew Draco was explaining to Harry and I could slowly see Harry taking out his wand, in case of anything. While we arrived at the cellar, I said, "Cleona, can you go in there and get the cups?" She laughed loudly and hysterically, "You think I'm stupid? I'm not going in there! I know what's going on!" I raised my eyebrows, "What are you talking about?" She shouted, "You want EVERYTHING TO YOURSELF DON'T YOU, DAVINA?!" I blinked, what was she talking about? I calmly said, "Now, we're going to do this the hard way or the easy way. Whichever one you like." She lunged at me but the same time, Draco ran to press the "˜Open' cellar button and Harry cast a spell and she was blasted into the cellar. Draco hurriedly closed it and I sighed, "Phew! That was a close one." Harry laughed, "Yeah, luckily Malfoy here told me what's going on, otherwise we would have been in a tight bit of trouble."
  6. I could hear Cleona shouting, "REZAGRATS IS GOING TO TAKE OVER AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!" while we walked out of the cellar room. (A/N: It's slow, I know but it's only ending in Part Ten.) As we got back to the meeting, I told everyone about Cleona's true side and they weren't surprised. The only one who looked shaken was Achilles. I patted him on the back and laughed, "Out of all the crazy girls to get me jealous, you had to go with her?" He sighed, "I'm sorry Davina, I really am but now it's not time to dwell on that. How are we even going to find out if everything is OK?" Tony said, "That's what we're trying to do. I think Dumbledore's Army and Davina should go." I said, "WHAT?! BUT WHAT IF..." Captain America said, "Yeah, What if is different from everything else so it's either you want to save the world or just sit home and pretend everything's okay?" I shrugged, "Eh, saving the world is cooler. Now, let's get this show on the sky be-yotches!" Everyone burst out into laughter and we left. As we were flying on broomsticks and Buckbeak, I held on to Draco and said, "Derek knew you were in my bed." He laughed, "Ah, Davina, you naughty girl, why did you chain me down to your bed and tried to rape me?" I playfully hit him on the shoulders, "I did not! You tried to rape me!" He looked offended, "Nope. I would never do something to any girl. Especially a girl I'm in..."
  7. Before he could finish, Harry shouted, "We have to land, NOW!" I shouted, "What?! Why?!" He smiled, "Because I see land." Gah Harry, you're making this so hard for us. Note the sarcasm. As we landed, I showed them a place to hide the brooms in the trees and I made Buckbeak invisible. Oh yeah, I'm awesome like that. Haha. Okay, this is not a laughing matter. I looked around at the school, something seemed weird. As we were walking in the school, Draco pulled me outside and leaned me against the wall. I could smell his sweet cologne and saw that smirk on his face. I smiled, "What's happened?" He shrugged, "I know now isn't the perfect time but erm, I'd just like to tell you that you're the most amazing girl I have ever met." I blushed so hard, my cheeks were red as tomatoes. He lifted my chin up and then cupped my face in his arms. Our lips touched and the kiss deepened. After about fifteen seconds, someone interrupted. I looked up and saw it was Harry. He chuckled, "Even though that's the cutest thing ever, we have some problems."
  8. I said, "The principal's gone?" Harry shook his head, "He's dead." The news hit me like never before and I asked, "You sure?" Harry led us to the Principal's office. It was untidy, like someone was searching for something. The someone was Rezagrats' guys and the something was the zandoid. The Principal's dead corpse was facing me and I couldn't bear to look at him anymore. I stuttered, "S-so w-what's going t-t-to happen?" while crying. Neville said, "Actually, I have an idea where the zandoid might be." Draco asked, "Where?" Neville said, "Davina, didn't you mention to me once in passing, that there was a place in the school where you saw the Principal hiding something?" I slowly nodded and he said, "Let's go there and see if the zandoid is there." Harry interjected, "Or...being the wizards we are, we can just summon it." I shook my head, "No Harry, that won't work. Just like the Horcruxes, the zandoid has special enchantments keeping it from being summoned." After we checked to the Principal's favourite place, and saw that it wasn't there, the disappointment was too much. We sat on the outside, on the steps of my school until something hit me like a rock. (not literally) I remembered when the Principal said to me if something doesn't seem right, always check his book! His book was a book where he kept everything personal. I ran to his office and looked for the book. Inside it, was a little note. It read, "If you find this, Davina, then it means you either listen to me or I'm dead. If I'm dead, then it has to be because of Rezagrats. I'm terribly sorry but the only way for you to get back the zandoid is by working out the clues. Remember the first words I told you? Skip a word and you'll realise something."
  9. I studied it hard. I remembered and I skipped every word! Oh my god, Rezagrats headquarters is five blocks from here in an old run down building! I rushed over to Dumbledore's Army and Draco (LOL) to tell them. When I told them, Harry said, "All we need now is a plan."
  10. Okay that's the end of part seven. Tell me what you think and what type of action is there going to be? The ending is coming soon, maybe there's going to be a sequel or something? Idk...but this series was fun. Well, later I'll be posting up a contest so stay tuned and have a blessed day x ~Aria

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