Noitect is Activated Part One {Aria's)

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Okay so welcome. My name is Aria and I am the author of two series "A Simple Hogwarts Story" and "Mysterious & Unexpected Events." This story is a little different from other stories, the idea struck me when i was looking at the moon.

I don't know if i'll put romance in it, yet. If the audience wants romance, i'll consider it but if the majority doesn't want romance, just tell me. Thank you

Created by: Aria

  1. Read the first paragraph in the description thingy. Thank you. Now before I begin, I would like to shout out to xxblutixx for being really a true friend, getting me through my times of trouble, and despair. She would help me by writing a very inspirational essay and I am very thankful for that. She's been by my side, taking on my rantings, my problems and much more. She's always there to make me smile and quote something from someone great. And to WTF_NINJA for also being there (:
  2. The blood of the God oozing down my hands, as I held him in my hand. The world was coming to an end. How did this all started? I have no idea. Crying silently into his unconscious chest, I held God as tight as I could. Evil cruel monsters trying to take over the world; what was this coming to? No, this is not one of those stories where I will save the world. This is one of those stories, I will just experience. My life, my part in the world; my purpose. The beginning of a new generation.
  3. The next day, the sky was grey as ever but as one of my friends said, "Depression is grey. We can't define grey. Is it black or white?" I just stared into nothingness, wondering what the New God was doing now. "Rezagrats," I spat. He was our new ruler, the one to make this beautiful world break down into crap. I was just a girl of sixteen years old, having a normal boring life with disconnected parents. I slipped on some shorts and a top and went to the sitting room. My eyes were red from last night, the blood seemed to make me sick. After all, I did see the most amazing person in the world die. "Davina!" someone shouted my name. my lousy step father who I loved dearly. I said, "in the sitting room dad!" He came, looking sober, "Dav, I'm going to leave you here for the day. Important errands." Dear Merlin, my step dad is always on an errand. This sucks. I nodded and he left. Boring so far? This is my life.
  4. Davina Sparks. My name. How weird right? No school today, not feeling like going. Too much bulls---. All the kids are gonna ask me how it was dealing with bleeding to death God. I went to my laptop, a new email popped up, "noitect." I groaned, not the safety guys again?! My mother was a protector of other humans. It was said that I possess certain qualities of her powers. My mother, Jemina, died when I was four years old. I've been living with my step father since I was two years so I was accustomed to him. My phone rang, "Noitect." All the television, laptops, everything computerised in the house announced, "Noitect." The Noitect Protection Programme was back on ! I went to my layer, or should I say my room and took out all my black jeans, gloves, everything in black and dressed into a black suit. My hair was tied in a pony and I said, "Phelmish." That was the code to reach the headquarters. I felt myself being vanished and I re appeared in a familiar room: the investigator's room. I looked to my right and there stood my hero, Tony Starks. No seriously he is my hero. He saved me multiple times. We talked, caught up on stuff and said, "where's your step dad, Derek?" I told him and then our Captain America came. I giggled, I always had a crush on him but Starks nudged me and I stopped in my tracks. He looked grave.
  5. Steve Rogers, for those who don't know is Captain America. He started, "most of our team has died. Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Hawk Eye, and I are the only survivors. The Avengers are done. We are recruiting new Noitect Protectors." The room was silent except for the feint noise of leaves in the wind outside. Hawk Eye said, "We are inducting Superman, Batman, Robin, Starfire, Beastboy, Wonderwoman, and a few others. This is going to be a team's work. The Avengers and Noitect will work together for the first time in 1600 years." Oh yes, complicated history I don't know about. "Davina Sparks. You are assigned to protect Avinis Reswart." Avinis was the principal of my school, why is he important? As though reading my mind, Starks said, "He's a main target. He has the power to unlock the zandoid." THE ZANDOID? Why are they giving me this outstanding task?
  6. Too important. I nodded though and went to school. Well, I flew to school  I arrived late on purpose to talk to the Principal. "Mr Reswart. I have.." My words were cut short. He said, "Yes yes Davina. I know about the zandoid." My heart palpitated. Let me describe the zandoid to you. The zandoid: a very very valuable one of a kind gem that could ruin the planet if it is shook exactly 20 times. I was horror struck. I didn't even bother to question him so I went straight to Physics class. As predicted, Class was half way in progress. Our new teacher, Rorrom said, "Well, well well. Complete disrespect. Go take your seat, Ms Sparks." He was...familiar. In a bad way. His eyes told me something but I can't figure it out right now. Too much in my head. I took a seat to the front of the class, party unusual for me. There were a lot of empty seats in the back but I chose to sit in front. Rorrom sneered, "What your previous teacher taught was utter nonsense. We are starting over from the theory of the scientific method."
  7. The class was even duller. When he was done explaining and writing down what I KNEW, he said to me very quietly, "Ms Sparks, I think there are some wires you might want to unplug before it's too late. You know, CUT the wires and let the blood ooze." Oh dear mushrooms! He was one of the bad guys. How did Reswart NOT know this? My godrical broomsticks, what am I going to do? He saw me holding our God. The god of all time. I breathed, "Do you mean disconnect certain dangerous wires and shove it up your butt, Professor?" He fumed and walked to his desk, "Ms Sparks, you have detention." "Kai," I cherrily said. More time for me to get to know this b------. The bell rang and I had a six minute break between each class. "Psst!" my friend Anersa called. She was the smartest in all the classes and always had something intelligent to say. I wonder what she's gonna be lecturing me on today. "Yes?" I whispered. She said, "What's going on? Your orange gem is glowing like hell." I looked down at my chest. My necklace that had the orange gem was surely glowing. Uh oh, something's happened at Noitect. I can feel it. "Protection programme is back on." She complained, " can't do this anymore. Last time you almost got killed." I stressed, "ALMOST, Anersa, ALMOST. Now, excuse me. I have matters to attend to."
  8. The teacher came and I asked to go to the washroom. As I entered the washroom, there stood Carmen Cortez, spy kid. What was she doing here? "Cortez," I smiled. She said, "Davina. There's this dude in the school who"”" I cut her off and told her about Rorrom. She gasped audibly and commented that he was supposed to be in the prision Mooredan. I said, "I know, but there must be SOME reason he came. I think he has a missionary plan to take the zandoid from Reswart." Alarmed, she said, "The zandoid? Oh my hallows! I did not know. Listen, keep that gem out of people's site. It has the power to communicate with us. Stay safe." She flew out the window and I went back to class. Home Economics was the most boring class of the year and when we had our fifteen minute break, I pulled Anersa and told her, "Listen. Are you with the Avengers, Spy kids and Justice League?" She squealed, "The justice league?! Eeeeeeeep!" I took that as a yes. After school, I had detention with that frog. I said, "Yo Sir. I'm here. What are your other two wishes?" Bit cheeky, am i? Oh yes, did I ever mention I'm a complete meanie to people I don't like and those who don't like me? Well now you know. There were two other people in class. I looked at them. "Disguises," I whispered, only for myself to here. They were two guys, looking all emo-ish. I introduced myself, knowing that if I held their hand for a more than three seconds, I would hear their thoughts, "My name is Davina." This boy had black curly hair, grey eyes, "I'm Achilles." "Ooh, greek mythology?" He playfully rolled his eyes as I shook his hand. He was thinking, "I need to get back to the spy kids headquarters." "WHAT?!" I screamed. The other kid and Rorrom looked at me and I apologised. He said, "What the heck is going on with you? I can feel it." Befuddled, I asked, "Feel what?" He whispered, "Your power in your hands." I giggled, "Oh. Yeah, but I didn't know you work for the OSS?" He nodded, saying, "Tell no one. What are you? An avenger?" I shook my head, "No. I'm a person. I belong to the Noitect Protection Programme." He was jealous, "What?! No, I wanted to be in that society, know what I mean. Anyway! Why are YOU here?" I replied cheekily, "To see you babycakes." He snorted, "No. seriously." I explained, "I'm going to this school you dullhead. I'm an agent, not a full time person. They call me when something big is happening."
  9. He was surprised, "You're Sparks daughter aren't you? I know of your father." Our conversation was really light and after school I said, "I might see you THERE." There means the OSS. I wondered why I never saw him before. I got home, kick off my shoes and got something to eat. Oh I was so hungry. I hot some leftover pie from this morning and gobbled it down. After, I hurriedly got dresses and went to the OSS. The Organisation of Super Spies. I took my jet and got there. Carmen and Juni Cortez was there to meet me. Juni was looking as adorable as ever and I embraced him, he said, "Well Davina. One of our agents said that you met him." Achillies. The greek mythology kid. I smiled and went into the office. "So, what's gonna happen? The Avengers, Spy Kids, Justice League and even some kids named Phineas and Ferb are in the Noitect?" I inquired. MR Cortez, the boss said, "Oh yes. This is a highly hard thing to do, protecting the world. We all have to unfortunately work together with every single magical being. Do you know anyone?" I nodded, "Harry Styles." They all looked at me, "Now is not the time for this. he's magical in your world. We're talking about real stuff." I shook my head and munched on some skittles. This is gonna be a long day.
  10. I switched on my phone and called dad, "Hey dad, I'm at a friend's. I'll be late, like really late," and I hung up. No, he did not know about ANY of this and everyone would like to keep it that way. He'll be in danger if he found out, and I don't want the only person I love to be dragged into this. I took a seat and asked, "What's Rezagrats doing? Have you guys found out anything?" they all said, "not yet." Carmen took a seat next to me, "Dav, I know it must be horrible for you to witness what he did. If I was you, I'll be paralysed by now." Paralysed! The Chamber of Secrets! Dumbledore's Army! Sorry, do you want me to explain? There is Harry Potter. The boy who lived, the one who saved the wizarding world. I betcha he would help. I rushed, "Can Harry Potter help us?" Serious as hell, Achillies said, "I see no harm." I clasped my hands together, "Well that's settled then. The Golden Trio is coming to our rescue and Noitect will be complete. I took off with speed enough to kill someone and went to Grimmauld Place, London where Harry Potter resided. I knocked on the door and there he stood: Harry James Potter. My eyes popped, he was nineteen and I had the hots for him. LOL. I said, "Excuse me Mr Potter. I am here at an urgent request from you." He said, "Come in."
  11. I took a seat in his kitchen and said, "Mr Potter, I'm calling you Harry." He laughed and I continued, "Our Lord is dead. I presume you know this much? Well, Rezagrats is now in charge, he looks like a troll and he's got no brain what so ever. Now listen. There are a bunch of heros, working together to save the world. We know about you defeating Voldermort and I was wondering, maybe perhaps you would like to help us out." His face was pale, "Uh, you haven't told me your name." I stifled a laugh, "Davina Sparks, member of the Noitect"”" He finished, "Protection Programme. I thought you guys only had about five members." I pointed out, "We've recruited the Avengers, and others. The spy kids are also in this so you see how desperate we are. This is no time to back down Potter, this is time to fight. Like it or not, we need all of Hogwarts' powerful people." He said, "I agree. Now, if you will come with me, I have to tell Ginny, Hermione and Ron." I laughed and followed him to where his friends were. He explained everything to them and they agreed under the condition they recruit the members of the Order of the Phoenix. I smiled, "More people, the better." Hermione corrected me, "It's the power of the people, not the amount. You can have as many followers but they might be weak. Strength is the power, and belief."
  12. The five of us went on errands, recruiting members and we even went to Oliver Wood, the Weasleys, and the Malfoys. Oh boy, this is going to be big. Narissa and Draco Malfoy was lonely was Lucius died trying in vain to bring back his master. He was completely nothing without Voldermort. Draco sneered, "We'll see the dumpster, mother." I scoffed. His eyes will be widen when he see the Noitect Protection Programme headquarters. Seriously, these people needed an abbreviation for it. When we went into Hogwarts, I went into the Great Hall and said, "Students, professors, caretaker. I address you today with a major concern. Our Lord is dead and an evil force who is more powerful than even Voldermort has been taking over the world. We are trying to save it and we need adult wizards to help. Dumbledore's Army, the Order of the Phoenix, ANYONE who is brave and willing to sacrifice their time, can you help us?" Quite a lot of people signed up and we were ready. This was it. The time to fight back has come.
  13. As we were at the NPP (Noitect Protection Programme), I said to Neville Longbottom, "Some dangerous plants would come in handy." He smiled feebly and I could see that he was worried for his grandmother. He lived with her his entire life as his parents were tortured into insanity by a death eater, one of Voldermort's followers, Bellatrix Lestrange. Bellatrix was dead now and I think Neville wasn't satisfied. He thought he didn't avenge them properly. Oops! I forgot something. I rushed to Harry's side and complained, "We have to tell the Minister." He said, "He's been informed." I admired Harry. He was so brave, courageous, unlike any other boy in the world. He survived, smiling even after the death of his parents. He was extremely famous but he didn't like fame. He still wasn't accustomed to it. Everyone was introduced to Harry and others, and they were familiarising themselves with each other. In the meanwhile, I was thinking of a plan to kill Rezargrats." He was the reason for all of this nonsense. I wondered, "Would the death eaters join him?" The thought struck me like a bolt of lightning and I refused to accept it if it happened. It would be completely preposterous.
  14. I cleared my throat and announced, "Noitect is activated."

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