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  • Yay, you wrote something pretty quickly ^.^ I thought it started off pretty mysteriously, quite cool (preferable over the alarm ringing and going to school), and it introduces a confusion that compels the reader to continue and want the next part and the next and the next in order to figure out what's going on. I am completely stumped as to what could possibly be happening, and so I want a part 2!

    P.S. Sami's hair sounds pretty cool, and I like both your descriptions and *drumroll* your fun answer choices ^.^ great job for your first story quiz; you should be proud

  • Ha ha
    I loved it~
    Even though I was a bit confused...

    I loved the choice answers and hope they will still be funny and awesome!

    I really hope the person was Sami, "Well, let's hope it's Sami and not some *coughrapistcough*"

    I can't wait for part two~

  • I like it a lot, but maybe better grammar? Other than that, this was pretty awesome. I love the suspense, although it's killing me at the same time.

  • I love it!!!!!! I can't wait for part two!!! You should really be proud since u started it off like as if it is real and u get us to guess then something else happen which is also mysterious. Love it!!!!XD

  • Thank you so much, to all of you, I couldn't stop smiling reading your comments!

    I don't really know what to call it, but it will have the word shadow in it, so yeah. :)

  • OMFG This was amazing!

    The answers were funny, and the story was hooking and mysterious. I can't wait for the males!! >: D

    Emma LAWL
  • I liked it i think you should totally make more please!!!


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