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Hiya! How are you, good? because I'm really nervous. I have been thinking of this idea and decided to go for it, so, I'm sory if you don't like it or if it's not up to your standards, but I really hope you do enjoy it.(There may be a bit of magic but it's not the main part so, if you don't like magic there won't be a HUGE amount of it)...(maybe I can't say)

This is (if enough people like it) a new series of mine, which there will be boys in so don't worry, it just this part is a really important part of the story so, yeah. My computer was bugging out while typing this up, so if there's something weird happening, whoops. Please enjoy. AND COME BACK FOR PART 2!!!!!

Created by: mrtokolover14
  1. Hey, so did you read the paragraphs above?
  2. So, had a random idea and I wrote it all yesterday in the hospital, I was debating all day if I should post it, but then I said, 'What the hell,' and started typing this. It probably doesn't sound the best because I had so many different ideas in my head but I try,(I also need a name for it) so, here it goes.Phew.
  3. You were running, You didn't know where,but you were running.It felt as if you had been running for hours when you stopped. You had no clue where you were, in fact, you had no clue why you were here, it was like someone had taken over your body and took you here themselves.
  4. You started walking down the curving cobblestone road ahead of you.The lights were the dim moon behind the buildings and the orange-y glow of the street lanterns illuminating the way.You passed by a small restaurant. You glanced through the darkness of the window, seeing if you could see anything.You had a strange feeling about it but you couldn't quite put your finger on it.You dig your hands into your pockets and found your phone. You took it out and dialed the first number on your contacts list.
  5. "Hello?" the voice on the other receiver asked, half asleep. "Hey, Sami" You replied.Sami was your best friend and was always there to help you, although usually it was her who needed the help. "Sami, I need a ride home,could you come pick me up?" You asked. "Yeah, sure.Where are you?" You looked around the road, to your surprize, there were no street signs anywhere. "Ummm,well I'm at a street with, some lights, and, uh, buildings and stuff..." You tried explaining "Wow, that narrows it down," Sami said, obviously being sarcastic. "Oh, well there's a small restaurant named," you looked at the sign on the building, it looked Italian, or, just gibberish. "I can't really make out the name, it looks sort of cryptic," What's the colour of the restaurant?" Sami asked, a slight change in her voice. "the sign id red and gold with a wineglass dripping wine onto an envelope." "Oh Sh**" Sami suddenly sounded awake. "Sami, are you okay?" You asked, getting a bit scared. "Yeah, yeah just don't move, promise?" "Yeah, but how do you know where to find-" Sami hung up. You crouched on the ground leaned against the building.
  6. As time went by you started getting tired, you started drifting off when a loud roar of a car pull up and a low yet feminine voice yell "Get off the ground and into the car" You looked in through the window and saw the blue and purple streaks in the naturally dark brown hair of, yes, Sami. "Good thing you and your voice are recognisable or I would've mistaken you for a pedophile." You smiled at her. "Get in now, Quick." she ordered. You obeyed and quickly climbed into the passengers seat of her silver slick, sports car. Yo barely had time to put your seatbelt on when she sped off down the road. She went onto the main road and weaved through numerous side streets. Her hair was pulled to one side of her head, so it looked like she shaved part of it, but it looked cool with the colours infused in it. Her was catching in the wind from her window, making it fly everywhere, she took a quick turn back onto the city streets "Sami, What are you doing?!" You yelled, she looked at you, her brown eyes looking you over with a worried expression.She opened up her mouth to answer, when suddenly she weaved onto another side street, looking out of her window while still driving, "SAMI YOU'RE GOING TO KILL US" You screamed.The car skidded off of the road and into a nearby wooded area, slowly stopping and hitting a tree with a thud.
  7. You closed your eyes and opened them again. car hit the tree right in between you and Sami. You moved your legs.Good, they still worked. "SAMI YOU COULD HAVE KILLED US!" you screamed. Her face was expressionless. She started muttering some words under her breath.what the h*ll was happening? You leaned against the car door, your weight pushed the door off it's hinges and you fell to the ground, head first. "Fuuuuu-" you wimpered.You just lay there, trying to make sense of what was happening.
  8. You looked into the distance, and saw 3 huge men appear from, well almost thin air.There must've have been trees blending in with the darkness. "s---" you heard Sami say, then you heard her slamming her door, and cautiously walk up to the men a few metres away from them.She stood up straight and looked at them, not moving a muscle.
  9. Light started pulsing out of her chest, the wind started picking up, shaking the ground beneath you, you wanted to look away, but you couldn't. The 3 men started holding onto their heads, as blood started to seep through their fingers, they dropped onto the ground. Sami fell to her knees, breathing heavily. You suddenly felt a bit sick, and started yourself drifting off, at the end of consciousness, you felt a hand grip onto your collar and drag you through the damp grass, then picking you up and throwing you over their shoulders. Was Sami this strong?
  10. (It's me now) AND, SCENE! I had more written down but my back hurts now. Did you like it? Do you want to know what happens next, because I was going to introduce the boys in this one, but didn't get a chance to sorry, :( but, If enough people like it, then I'll make another one! Please comment and/or rate, and tell me how much you liked it, I'm really sorry if it wasn't up to your standards, I was trying to get this out soon, I'm really nervous since not much good things happened in this, but please come back again!!!!

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