New love story: part 2

I introduced tommy and Caleb in this part. I am so sorry that there are no results for tommy. Pick which boy u like in new love story: part 2!!

I love u all please comment!!

Created by: Sparkles6

  1. *take part 1 first!* U were walking to take ur seat when the door blew open. Everyone gasped. At the door stood a guy in all black looking depressed. You wondered why everyone was so surprised, it was just another guy, right? "It's...John" said Noah. U looked at him and said "who's John?" he whispered back, "I'll tell u later" he said. Science finally ended and u looked for Andrew for help finding the Spanish room.
  2. You finally found him by his locker. "hey,Andrew." you said. He turned around. "oh, hey Alicia, what's up?" "can u help me find the Spanish room?" you say sweetly. "sure, its right across from the science room." "thanks Andrew" you say. He replies, "anytime." you go to find the spanish room. When u get there , you find a random desk and sit there because the teacher isn't there yet. everyone else is talking with friends, but u were sitting all by yourself. You glanced around the room, you saw Noah chatting with some friends. You met his eye and u both smiled. What r u thinking?
  3. You kept looking around the room. You see John sitting by himself in a corner. You turned back to your seat. What was johns secret? Suddenly a girl with medium length, straight brown hair and a pretty face came and sat by you. You smiled at her and she didn't smile back. Finally you decided to speak, "hi, my name is Alicia, what's yours?" she glared at you. "my name is Lexi, I'm Noah's girlfriend" what do u say back?
  4. Whatever you said the girl went back to her seat. You already had an enemy in this school! Finally the teacher walked in. " good morning classe" she said. The class replied, " good morning señorita haugen" " well classe, it looks like we have two new students today! Alicia and John would u please come to the front?" she asked. Then, someone blurted, "johns not new, he was here last year " the class grew quiet. "ok, thanks señorita jordyn. Well I guess we will put u two across from señorita Abby and señor nic." u two walked over to the two empty desks. All the desks were in groups of fours. You sat across from who must be Abby and John sat next to u. U never really noticed before that John was kinda cute. He had flippable black hair, dark mysterious eyes and was taller than u.
  5. Abby smiled at you. She seemed really nice. You smiled back. You looked at nic. He was really nerdy and not cute AT ALL. (trust me) he looked shyly at u. While the teacher was talking unwere in your own little world thinking about everything that happened to u today. What was your favorite part today?
  6. Finally, the class ends. Your next class was...phy Ed. Oh jeez, hopefully the unit was volleyball, cuz that is the only sport u were good at! You knew where the gym was cuz u saw it on the way in. You grabbed ur gym bag and started walking. U saw Andrew on the way. "hey alicia,." he said. "hi, r u on your way to the gym too?" u asked. "yeah, I can't wait, gym is the best, right now we are doing basketball. My favorite." he said. You groaned, basketball was not your favorite. "what's wrong?" asked Andrew. You said "I am not the best at basketball." Andrew smiled. "that's okay, I can help u sometime after school if u want. What do u say back?
  7. You and Andrew decided to meet tomorrow after school. In gym class u lost the ball quite a few times. Everytime Andrew smiled encouragingly at u. at last, gym ended. Andrew showed u to your next class which was history. U sat next to Abby and had a great time. U think Abby is going to be a great friend. Next on your list was lunch. Today for lunch was hotdogs (gross!). Again u sat next to Abby. Andrew and Noah sat next to each other with a group of jocks. John sat alone in the corner like always. You and Abby get to the subject of boys. She says,"so, who do u ke Alicia?" who do u say?
  8. Next was English. It was in the 7th grade hallway taught by mr. Burrow. You head over there all by yourself, u don't know any one in that class. You find a seat next to a girl with long curly blonde hair and glasses. She looked pretty nice. She smiled at you "hi," she said. "my name is Rochelle." "oh, you say, I'm Alicia." you two smile and wait for class to start. You are sitting in the middle row of the three rows of desks. You notice a boy in front of you who keeps looking back at you. He keeps making jokes and the people around him laugh. He had flippable light brown hair that was straight. He had green eyes, and was really cute. You heard someone say his name, it was tommy. You ask Rochelle who he is. She replies, "that's tommy, he's the class clown/ bad boy. This is his third school, he has gotten expelled from the other ones. You don't want to get involved with him, I hear he's a player." you nod your head just as class starts.
  9. You couldn't help but think of tommy more. The whole class he kept looking back trying to make u laugh. Was he trying to impress you? Your next class was reading you headed over there and noticed John did too. U wanted a chance to get to know him better and find out what his secret was. You never got the chance though. The whole class all u did was silent read, and people got yelled at for talking.
  10. Finally! The last class of the day, band. You pulled your clarinet from your locker and walked to the band room by yourself. When u got there, u saw Rochelle. She also played clarinet! You looked around to find the teacher and ask him where to sit. Your eyes searched the whole room but stopped on a baritone ( mini tuba) player in the back row. He was hott!! He had dark brown hair, brown eyes, a fit body, and was a little taller than u. Your eyes net for a second and he smiled. U finally saw the teacher walk in. He put u in the front row next to Rochelle.
  11. U went home and dreamed about the good times u had today. What did u dream about?

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