New England Team quiz

Few people know a lot about New England. Let's see if you know a whole bunch. Will the Green Monsta stop you or will you sail high over the wall......

Do you have as much New England knowledge to pass this quiz? Or will you become the falcons losing you lead and your first win and victory. See here...

Created by: Samburak1
  1. How many World Series have the Red Sox won.
  2. What team has won the most championships?
  3. Which team did the New England Patriots face to win their first Super Bowl?
  4. Who is the Bruins #1 biggest rival
  5. How many Stanley Cups have the Bruins won?
  6. What stadium do the Bruins and Celtics share.
  7. What year did the Bruins win their first Stanley Cup?
  8. What was the original stadium that the Patriots played in
  9. Who was a famous player who was originally on the Red Sox?
  10. How many championships have New England Teams won in all?

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